CDC tells Americans Not to Be Afraid of Your Chickens

The Centers for Disease Control has suffered a difficult couple of years. They have been constantly making fools of themselves in this ongoing COVID “pandemic” by issuing laughable and often contradictory instructions.

The Washington Post reported in 2020, as the pandemic spread:

The response of the agency to the most severe public health crisis in the last century -the coronavirus epidemic has been marred by technical mistakes and misplaced messages.

The worst part is that the CDC has suffered a loss of trust in its institution at a point when the nation desperately needs to know who to put their trust in.

They've hit new lows lately. They've been ridiculous with their absurd new rules regarding Salmonella and monkeypox.

Their latest tip: Don't be romantic with your chickens. Perhaps even your ducks in case that's your thing.

Fox News helpfully reports:

In a notice from an investigation entitled Salmonella Outbreaks Related with Backyard Poultry, the health agency (the CDC) explained that domestic fowl, such as ducks and chickens are salmonella carriers. Therefore, backyard flock owners must ensure that they do not “kiss or snuggle” these birds to prevent the spread of infection.

Sometimes, I wish I was a health professional, as I'd often make comments that would be like “Hey, how about maybe don't be a freakin' weirdo?” Perhaps you shouldn't be a bit sexy with your bird because it's very… bad.

The transmission method has also prompted the CDC to warn people to avoid drinking or eating in the vicinity of backyard poultry, as it's possible for salmonella-related bacteria to infect food items or liquids that could transmit the disease through mouths of people.

It's impossible not to think — who was inside the chicken cage wolfing down an ice cream and a hamburger? Did they have any other food to consume?

If the CDC isn't awash in praise already, they handed out some helpful tips for avoiding monkeypox that was vulgar in nature. 

Thank you God. I was concerned, TBH, but now I'm aware that if I masturbate from a distance, I'll be safe. I'll also make sure that I don't rub my sores against the skin of anyone else's. Also, while doing so I'll be certain not to remove my N95. I'll stay… extremely secure!

This is becoming outright disgusting, CDC. Be self-respectful.

In addition, if we're in the uneasy zone, what exactly is the best way to get sex without personal contact? I'd like to be aware.

This comes within the same week CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky was giddy, declaring the fact that COVID vaccines will be available to infants from six months to five years old. It was nearly impossible to not be frightened by the joy she felt when she was given the possibility of injecting small children with experimental drugs.

Before the pandemic, CDC was a respected organization which gave sound advice and relevant health information. Today, following their numerous errors and misinformation, the CDC has become an untruth.

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