In Uvalde, Police Had More Firepower than Originally Reported

We reported on Sunday that a video of the interior of Robb Elementary, in Uvalde, Texas, revealed responding officers had not attempted to unlock any of the doors in the classroom where the shooter as well as his victims were positioned on the 24th of May. Per Bonchie:

To be clear about the timeline, this is the case: the shooter was firing for 12 minutes outside, without police intervention. He then walked through an unlocked backdoor and police came in just a few minutes after. The police then put a barricade around the shooting suspect inside the room as per their own statement. Instead of trying to enter the room to stop the destruction, the police sat for more than an hour before the Border Patrol team went in on their own initiative.

Prior to the surveillance footage, the police stated that they tried to enter the room but were held back by gunfire. Now, we know they didn't even try to gain entry, preferring to flee like cowards, completely evading their obligation to defend and serve.

A mother who went into the school to save her children, recently discovered that the shooting within the classroom continued even after the arrival of police (again in contradiction to initial claims of the police that the shooter was responsible for killing all the students within a matter of minutes). This means that the perpetrator was constantly executing children as the police stood there. It's so absurd that I feel sick just writing.

On Monday, more disturbing details were revealed in the form of footage from inside the school that revealed officers responding inside the school wearing guns and a ballistic shield at 11:52 a.m. Within just 19 minutes from the shooting's arrival, and nearly an hour before police were allowed into the classroom.


The video footage shows that a number of officers were inside the classroom with guns and at the very least one ballistic guard about 19 minutes following the time the shooter arrived. They were not allowed to enter the room where the shooter was in for a long time.

Researchers believe this to be an important discovery because it suggests that they had the weapons and protections to be able to enter the classroom prior to when they actually entered.

The response of the 24th of May by police has come under great scrutiny since it was revealed that the Texas DPS revealed that officers were waiting for longer than 70 minutes before they could take on the shooter while students trapped in the building were able to call 911 for help.

According to the most up-to-date timeline, the officers finally entered the room at about 12:50 p.m. The shooter was in the classroom around 11:33 a.m.

In addition, as per reports from Monday, the audio recorded from the body cam video shows officers becoming frustrated with the responses.

The reason they took so long to accomplish this is an ongoing question which continues to be asked.

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