Japan Proves It’s Not as Woke As America During Pride Month

It's clear that Japan isn't quite as advanced as the United States.

On Monday, during Pride Month — Osaka District Court Judge Doi Fumi issued a judgment regarding a gay wedding.

It was a matter of whether the country's absence of marriage for same-sex couples contravened its constitution.

A discrimination lawsuit was brought by three gay couples that included two male couples and one female couple. They sought 1 million dollars ($7,400) as damages for each couple.

According to The Associated Press, they aren't the only ones that have taken legal classes:

The plaintiffs…were one of 14 couples who brought suit against government officials in 5 of the largest cities which include Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Osaka -in 2019 for infringement of rights to union freedom and equality.

In the year 2000, a Sapporo court found the marriage arrangement unconstitutional.

But, as per the judgment of Judge Doi in Osaka, the ruling in no way contradicts the country's Article 24.

The AP examines Japan's culture:

The acceptance of sexual diversity has waned in Japan; however, there are no legal protections for gay, lesbians, bisexual , and transgender individuals. LGBTQ suffer from discrimination at work, school, as well as at home, which causes many to conceal their sexual identity.

Rights groups have pushed for the passage of an equality bill prior to this summer's Tokyo Olympics which attracted all eyes to Japan; however, the bill was blocked by the conservative ruling party.

The Osaka court stated that the freedom-of-marriage clause only applies to heterosexual unions. Additionally the judge is a bit of an old-fashioned notion about what marriage is:

Judge Fumi Didi said that the heterosexual marriage is a law enacted by the society to safeguard relationships between males and females who are mothers and fathers and that the best ways to ensure the safety of same-sex couples remain in the midst of public debate.

In the case of marriage being seen as a method of raising children, I would guess that this was the norm in America. However, that idea along with many others that once governed society is now being tossed aside. However, a decision like Judge Doi's wouldn’t have been unusual just a few years ago.

In spite of this Japanese judge's ruling, the Japanese court did urge the legislature to look for ways to safeguard gay relationships. This includes perhaps, efforts to legalizing marriage between gay people.

For now, gay marriage is an unconstitutional option.

In a news conference, plaintiff Akiyoshi Tanaka stated that a victory could have fueled the need for legislative action.

Yet, he stated, “We don't have time to feel discouraged.”

The plaintiffs intend to contest the decision.

According to the AP, Japan is “the only member of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations that does not recognize same-sex unions.”

But in terms of culture, it's getting caught up:

The public opinion in Japan is currently in favor of legalizing gay marriage.

According to the current laws in Japan, same-sex couples in Japan cannot inherit one another's home, property, or any other assets they share and they have no parental rights to each other's children. They are usually prohibited from sharing apartments and are also barred from hospital visits and other services offered for couples who are married.

Over 200 municipalities across Japan, which is 12 percent of the total, have started issuing legally binding partnerships for couples with identical genders in Tokyo, since the Shibuya district was the first district to do this in the year 2015.

The Tokyo metropolitan government has recently approved the plan of accepting registrations from couples who are sexual minorities seeking the certificates of their marriage.

America isn't the most educated nation however, as far being Woke concerns, it's at the top of the pack.

What is the reason Japan is falling behind so much?

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