Miss Universe Teaches People Not to Talk About Periods

As you look out across the American scenery, certain requirements appear to be evident. If you've identified one as the mix of menstrual cycles and beauty queens, this article is for you.

It's true that the Miss Universe institution is going to go after bleeding, the feminine, monthly kind. However, it's not going to want you to make the distinction. The Twitter of the group recently made a statement of support in favor of “inclusive” labeling of bloody vaginal discharge.

A monthly reorganization of one's uterine lining is unorthodox for a “beauty” pageant. However, maybe these are just extraordinary times.

Maybe you don't speak the language or even know how to talk.

Miss Universe sets a sash on the most important things:

A linguistically inclusive language is essential especially when talking about periods.

Don't picture Aunt Flow as a female-favoring guest:

Menstrual health as an exclusive topic for women. And it excludes transgender, non-binary and gender nonconforming women.

Would anyone want to be part of that conversation? Evidently, yes.

Miss U. is the one who lays down the law regarding the use of language:

How to Discuss Periods:

Say This: Reproductive Health

But Not This: The Health of Women


Say This: People who have menstrual cycles

But Not This: Women who have menstrual cycles

People in the past were believed to be free agents and could speak however they wanted. But a time of guidance is about to begin.

Directives are designed to protect the world from itself:

Host of School's Free Speech event Issues Language Guide that prohibits ‘Man, Woman,' and Mother's

Top College — and Former Female Seminary — Reminds Science Professors not to use the words “Woman” or “Female”

University Orders Conformity to Preferred Pronouns and Created Monikers, Threatens to Take ‘Action' No matter what the “intent”

American Medical Association Goes Woke and Revokes Terms such as “Morbidly Obese” 

Breastfeeding Academy Rejects “Breasts”

Miss Universe makes it clear:

Women do not all menstruate, and not all who menstruate are women.

The tweet was followed by “#MenstrualEquity.”

One user on social media identified something odd. The Miss Universe Twitter account describes its contents as follows:

@MissUniverse's mission is to champion the future of women who have the courage to challenge the boundaries of what is possible.

But don't believe that those future-forging women who are on stage, dressed in sequins, and crying when they are winning, but smiling when they fail — are bleeding.

Maybe that's the best option, even in the case that language doesn't matter.

Whatever the case, in 2022, the health of women and children is a priority. For so long, we've been on an ignorant diet. With the advent of knowledge, we're now living an entirely new day.

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