California University is Concerned Blind People Won’t Know the Difference between Woke Spelling and Regular Spelling

UC Irvine loves women, however, the college refuses to pronounce it that way. However, despite its best efforts, the university has faced a thorny issue.

University of California, Irvine is so feminist-friendly that they've even set up an exclusive center. In the world of Wokeness, “X” marks the place; hence The Womxn's Center for Success.

The Center's website provides the Timeline of the Word Womxn:

  • 1975: In the year 1975 “womyn was first mentioned in 1975. Womyn was featured in the magazine issue of Lesbian Connection Magazine announcing the Wolf Creek Womyn's Fest ('75 15′)
  • 1976+: Many publications and organizations begin to use the ‘womyn' spelling. “Womyn's Festival” organizers said that the attendees must have the designation of “womyn-born-womyn” 
  • 2010. Womxn is now being mentioned in feminist spaces of intersection.
  • 2016: WOMXN'S MARK SEATTLE uses the word ‘X. In late 2016, the Womxn's March Seattle was named by using the letter x and it became an example of inclusivity. In the same year the award-winning poet Koleka Putuma, came out with the first poem, “Growing Up Black and a Womxn.”
  • The year 2016 was the year WOMXN'S HUB was developed. It was founded through the cooperation of staff members from the Cross Cultural Center. It was deemed necessary to assess the need and a name was chosen to represent the community and its ideals.
  • 2019: Womxn adopted into The definition is the following: noun, plural wom*xn [wim-inWomxn [wim-in].
    A womxn (used to refer to a woman, in particular in intersectional feminists, for a different spelling in order to be free of the notion of sexual discrimination that is implied in the sequences m.a.n and m-e-n, as well as to include trans and nonbinary females).

“X” the Center declares, “creates a space for women and females who aren't cis, which means it reassures people that ALL women are included and treated. This is an important distinction particularly when certain spaces are aligned with white feminists or trans radical exclusionary (TERF) philosophy.”

The Womxn's Center provides a range of services. One of them is that students can sign up for their own Sad Girls Club. 

The Sad Girls Club at UCI Facebook was started to help normalize all the emotions we experience as human beings (the good, sad, bad, and joyful). Our aim is to provide an environment that is safe for people who wish to share their daily experiences without fear of being judged by society. The community is filled with love, warmth, support and sharing from all of its members.

Then there's The We Rise Ambassador Program, established in 2020 to help “students who are passionate about the work of the Womxn's Center for Success and who want to share the stories of womxn rising at UCI.” The participants can “create meaningful community connections as they engage in deep critical conversations and reflections.”

The Center also has womxn as well as the womxn-identifying system with snacks, tampons, and lube:

The center is focused on womxn specific demands and needs through education training, workshops as well as personal development and community building. The center is accessible and encouraging to anyone who believes in the power of the womxn and womxn-identified people, and all of their allies.

The free resources that the Womxn's Center for Success provides includes:

  • Products for menstruation
  • Scantrons
  • Blue books
  • FRESH Hub Snacks
  • Hot chocolate and tea
  • STI Prevention products
  • Lubricant
  • Feminist literature library
  • Clothes closet for children

However, as to the real phrase “womxn,” the Center is concerned. The massive social justice effort may be stopped by phonics

How do I pronounce Womxn?

As it is still relatively new to the world, there isn't a particular pronunciation of the word.

Many people say it like they're speaking of “woman” or “women,” however, they can spell plural and singular with an “x.” However, this begs the question of whether it really is all-inclusive…

The intention to eliminate gender discrimination through spelling could be a bit naive:

Members of the community of blind people could be excluded when there isn't a method for them to be able to discern this difference.

Perhaps the socially conscious could simply state it in a strange way:

Some prefer to refer to it in the form of “wom-inx” or “woma/en-x,” or “wom-ux.” These ways could draw focus to “womxn” when talking verbally to someone about it, and opens the door to more discussion about the language.

We live in an age of massive anxiety. If I'm able to understand the concept of gender, I can see that it heavily emphasizes the appearance of women: whereas we were first told that “gender is a social construct,” the edict seems to have been completely forgotten. Nowadays it is commonplace for males to like wearing dresses or skirts, they can have her penis taken out; if the man is perceived as female, she should be allowed to wear skirts and makeup. And the Center for Success at Womxn Center for Success is looking to include people who are unable to be able to see the progress we are making.

For those who are visually impaired and not influenced by the appearance of the letters, care is taken to ensure that they are not left out.

Despite their desire to separate from all things that resemble “men,” the Womxn's Center for Success has found itself in a dilemma. However, the people who are in charge will definitely discover a way for Success — which is for Womxn-identifying people everywhere.

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