Dave Chappelle Takes Name Off Alma Mater Theater

Dave Chappelle continued to court controversy when he recently made a major donation to his high school's alma mater situated in Washington D.C. and encouraged his critics to make the same. In the midst of a lot of criticism about his Netflix specials as well as allegedly “anti-trans” jokes, Chappelle demanded those who were upset by his comedy to make a donation to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in order to construct the new theater and help fund their arts programs. The school then demanded that they have the theater named after the pioneering artist.

“Having an entire theater named in honor of me is a huge honor. But, it wasn't my intention, goal or even a desire. Based on the request of our school's founder Peggy Cooper Kafritz I agreed,” he continued.

“In April, I'll be sure to honor this request. If you are not happy with my being awarded this title I encourage you to give to the school stating your concerns. If you're in favor of the theater being called ‘Chappelle', I suggest you donate to the school, indicating your agreement.”

However, Dave Chappelle is a comedian and, despite being a target of criticism and ridicule due to his hilarious routines, he's not quite done his smear campaign on the ‘woke' population.

Chapelle has declared that he will turn off the possibility of adding his signature to the brand new theater in Duke Ellington. Instead this theater is renamed “the Theater for Artistic Freedom and Expression.”

Students and patrons will be constantly reminded of the importance of the freedom of expression of performers, but without an opportunity to criticize the kindness that was displayed by one of the best comedians of our time.

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