Dog Leaves Hotel and Makes Hour and a Half Trek Home

Have you ever thought of getting away from your holiday? This was the obvious desire of a dog from Kansas recently.

According to Inside Edition, Lenexa, Kansas residents Jeremy and Sarah Hensen conceived of a five-day week of their own in Las Vegas.

However, their plan would encompass more than just accommodation for them. The couple also has a dog named Dexter.

The dog wouldn't be in a position to travel to Nevada, so they arranged for an excursion for their dog. Dexter will be enjoying himself just two miles away from their home.

Jeremy and Sarah flew to their destination after which everything went well until the third day. At that point, it was apparent that Dexter was suffering from homesickness.

And Hensen's dog isn't a dummy. As Jeremy said to Inside Edition, “He's very smart, and that intelligence can get him into trouble sometime.”

Smart indeed: Dexter's cleverness enabled him to get out of his home. As per Jeremy, Dexter would've had to climb a fence that was six feet tall to get out.

The pet set out to return from his vacation. Inside Edition outlined his route:

To get to home, Dexter had to make a left out of the kennel and then towards the busy 87th street which is where he took the left. After that, he took a left onto Rose Hill and into the residential area. Ninety minutes… Dexter was home.

The next thing that happened was the bell and a dog; however, not in a Pavlovian sort of way.

Jeremy Hensen and Sarah had been relaxing at the pool in Las Vegas when they received the Ring alert that said someone had rung their doorbell.

They looked it up online and discovered that it wasn't the Jehovah's Witnesses. It wasn't even the Girl Scouts or Avon calling. Instead, it was their front door, and the doorbell ring was a furry family member. The pooch was sitting on the porch, waiting to be allowed in.

The whole incident was recorded on video.

Jeremy and Sarah spoke with Dexter through the intercom, while they made contact with the Kennel. A daycare worker came to collect him. Unfortunately, Dexter would have to stay for two more days of vacation.

Inside Edition asked Jeremy to comment on whether he was awed by the things his dog did.

“Honestly, no,” the man said.

Dogs can do the most amazing things and Dexter isn't the only dog to master the ringing of a bell.

Yet, a 90-minute multi-turn return trip after the escape of assisted living…punctuated by the doorbell ding…is something truly special.

You’re a great pet, Dexter.

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