Man Carries 70 Pounds of Garbage to Fight Climate Change

Imagine that the Apocalypse is only 12 years away. Does seeing a man smothered with garbage make you want to get your life in order and take care of the world?

This is the goal of the environmentalist Rob Greenfield. According to People magazine, he's “about extremes when it comes to letting people know how our actions are threatening the future of the planet.”

In the course of a month, Rob went about Los Angeles completely covered in garbage.

In Greenfield's “30 Days of Wearing My Trash” campaign, Greenfield packed around 2.5 pounds. of garbage each day into his suit.

Instead of discarding his waste, the man carried it around on his sleeves.

His message: See the mess we create.

For the duration of 30 months, Greenfield ate out, shopped, and walked through Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Los Feliz in his eye-catching suit. He filled it with shopping bags that were discarded, and coffee cups, water bottles, and other rubbish.

“So just imagine creating one ton of garbage per year, and now imagine 10 years, and now imagine a lifetime,” he said to People. “Basically, each of us can leave behind a small mountain of trash for future generations.”

Rob added weight quickly. At the end the month, he'd gained the weight of a 10 year old child:

“On Day one of my life, I carried just a few pounds of garbage. Day two, I was carrying about six pounds. In the end, I was wearing 72 lbs of garbage.”

He almost stopped fitting in:

The suit grew so large that he was unable to get through the doors. “I often caught myself in the reflections of windows at times then all I had to think of was, “This is completely absurd.”

“Maybe so, but it was a surefire way to get people thinking and even better, start to make environmentally-friendly changes,” People figures.

There's no doubt about it Rob is ready to start a revolution.

This 35-year old Wisconsin native has traveled on bicycles made of bamboo across the nation without money, and lived in a 100 square-foot powered by solar “tiny house” he built using recycled materials, and consumed food he had grown and foraged for to show that sustainable living is possible.

The stakes are as high as they could be, he claims.

“If we don't have soil, water or air, then we can't function anymore,” he said to People.

If people wanted to live as Rob, would they be already doing so? If they did, do you think that the U.S. would alter Earth's fate regardless of India or China?

For trash, I'd imagine that the majority of Americans do not want to create more than what is needed to meet their needs.

However, environmentalists are seeking a lifestyle change.

For all we know, 12 years isn't a lot of time. A congresswoman began her stopwatch just 3 months ago…

As they have rescued humanity, eco heroes have come up with intriguing ways to motivate us:

“Prior to the Dem Debate, Climate Change Radicals Eject Themselves from the Bridge”

“During the Brexit Debate Climate activists glue themselves to the House of Commons. Naked”

“Climate Change Warriors Demand You to Stop the Apocalypse by flattening your neighbor's tires”

Perhaps you've witnessed this:

“Political leaders are on board however, let's not forget the skis ‘EU's New Climate Change Tax Will Exempt Private Jets.’”

To Rob He's ready to scream:

“I've discovered a method to carry my entire life's message and spread it in which I am able to ideally annoy people with my mere existence. This is my aim.”

But, if he'd like his trash to be able to attract attention, LA may not be the ideal place to make a statement.

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