Republicans are Standing up for American Prosperity

The Job Creators Network (JCN) is a non-partisan group which promotes education for employees and employers about government policies and its impact on companies and the work environment. While they don't support any candidate or political party, they are not unwilling to promote policies that are beneficial to both businesses and individuals, as well as criticizing elected officials who are not taking the best course for American employees and businesses and also when elected officials are not doing the right thing by implementing policies that hurt Americans and American businesses.

JCN's most recent initiative is dubbed “The Great Opportunity Project,” with red state governors Brian Kemp of Georgia, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Kim Reynolds of Iowa,  and Glenn Youngkin of Virginia supporting it. The Republican officials discuss how their market-based and tax-free policies have brought peace and prosperity among their people, which has helped expand the state. This 60-second advertisement will air through Fox Business this week during “Mornings with Maria and Charles Payne.”

By launching “The Great Opportunity Project,” JCN seeks to demonstrate the benefits of sound state-level policy and hopes to influence and promote an ongoing national discussion on economic policy.

JCN will also feature the work of small-scale entrepreneurs from each of the states, sharing their tale of how free-market and conservative policies have shaped their business and their employees.

JCN president and chief executive Alfredo Ortiz spoke more about how he hopes that to see “The Great Opportunity Project” gains momentum:

“The business environment is the top major issue confronting the American citizens, according to surveys after surveys. ‘The Great Opportunity Project” draws much-needed attention to the successes that several states have had by implementing free market policies,” the president said.

“In contrast to disastrous liberal policies being promoted within Washington, DC, many states have experienced remarkable growth through empowering small-scale business owners as well as entrepreneurs in the private sector. These examples show how actual people are affected by the good policies of the government. Our aim is to alter the national debate on the economy. This campaign is all about increasing the possibility for all Americans to live an American Dream.”

That's what is on my mind. JCN was smart to join with these governors and the governors sent the right message. Whatever polls indicate, Republicans will not win simply by pointing the finger at their fellow Democrats or their policies. Republicans should demonstrate how their support for individual freedom and the free market principles result in not just policy and good governance but also wealth for their businesses as well as the residents of their states.

Have you been paying attention Ronna McDaniel? Please, more of this.

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