A New Poll Shows how Little People Care about January 6 Hearings

As we previously reported following their hearing on Thursday, the Jan 6. committee has put off further hearings until the beginning of July. The report states that the committee has “new tranches of evidence” they are looking into.

I've got an old bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you if you believe that. The issue is that to date, they haven't demonstrated anything of a new nature or would be able to move the needle. They've failed to fulfill their main objective — to imprison President Donald Trump. The reality is that no one's watching. Why would anyone bet they're delaying it just for a while to get just a bit closer to the midterms to be content with what they've got while still getting their vacation time? Another benefit of this plan? The left is in a frenzy that the Committee has decided to take the time to rest.

How do we know there is no one paying attention? We wrote about how the initial night of hearings went down as a disaster. According to a new poll, it's getting worse after the subsequent hearings which weren't held during prime time.

The majority of Americans reported that they did not attend the second and third hearings which were held -at around 62 percent. Of those who watched, just 28 percent of them said they watched a few minutes, and just 11 percent of them said they watched the entire thing.

Who was watching? Democrats — and probably those who had already decided on the issue. Just 32 percent of independents have seen anything, while just 25 percent have watched it entirely. If the goal was to alter minds or get people to vote Democrats and discredit Republicans, the truth is that they're preaching to converts.

But, the media keeps advertising the hearings in terms of “stunning.”

It's true that when they're required to work to achieve their goals, they're not good at doing it. If it was spectacular, then they wouldn't need to continue trying to convince people to believe the beauty, everyone would be watching.

One of the interviews revealed the truth, perhaps even more so than the results of the poll.

“I have talked with two separate Democratic members of Congress in the last couple of weeks about January 6th…Both of them have said, offhandedly, ‘Nobody gives a bleep about January 6th,'” Politico's Betsy Woodruff Swan said. Whoops. 

They're in a mudslide without an oar. They're likely to take some time to review their strategy and determine if there's a method to get this to work. The Committee could be even doing the opposite -persuading voters that Democrats are focused on something else than what people are concerned about. This is a way of proving that they're not focusing on problems such as inflation.

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