Disney Introduces Openly Gay Teenage Relationship

Disney may have become surprisingly quiet following their protest against Florida's “Don't Say Gay” bill; however, Disney isn't letting up when it comes to LGBT support.

The Mouse has recently launched their animated film Lightyear to less than hefty reviews at the box office, and it is possible one reason that swayed the movie was its sexy kiss. Disney had removed the scene, but then reinstalled it following its fight against Ron DeSantis.

However, its next animated movie could sport more Rainbow shine than it ever has: Strange World will include an LGBT teen romance.

Matthieu Saghezchi — Emmy-winning animator, producer, and designer saw a preview of the film during the France's Annecy 2022 International Film Festival.

Matthieu tweeted an image of a Pride flag and news of historic significance:

“Just watched the very first glimpse of #Disney's”#StrangeWorld” during the #Annecy2022 event It is the first gay teenage romance in the history of a Disney film! #RepresentationMatters”

It's boy-on-boy:

“The scene depicts the child being extremely timid before his crush on the boy, and his father comes to him and says ‘It's great meeting you! My son has conversations with you constantly and then further humiliates his son. Super cute.”

Variety confirms the contents:

Walt Disney screened three sequences from Strange World. In the opening, Ethan is seen flirting with the attractive Diazo as his classmates watch, laughing with a warm and friendly manner. To the annoyance of Ethan, his father, Searcher, quickly joins in and smacks his son with an unintentionally enthusiastic display of acceptance.

“Back to Lightyear, The Independent notes that it has been prohibited ‘in the 14 Middle Eastern and Asian countries including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Indonesia and Malaysia. It isn't likely to be released in China either, according to the South China Morning Post.’”

The gay-kiss return came after an angry letter from the company's parent written by Disney-Pixar.

From an excerpt supplied by Variety:

The team at Pixar have witnessed stunning stories, filled with diverse characters, return in Disney corporate reviews that have been reduced to crumbs of what were. Even the creation of LGBTQIA+ content was the solution to resolving the discriminatory legislation that exists in the world, we're prevented from doing so.

Maybe Pixar is more content in the end with Strange World.

In any case, it's far from the first Disney foray into the #Pride campaign:

“The Disney Company Bounces “Boys and Girls in the name of Inclusion”

“The Mouse Creates History: Disney Park Holds the Company's first-ever Gay Pride Official Celebration”

“Disney Introduces its ‘Pride Collection Product Line”

“The Mouse Creates History: Disney Channel Features Its First Gay Couple”

Strange World will doubtfully win the back of conservatives who resisted Lightyear because of the onscreen romance. Perhaps the company has made an agreement with its target audience is — and the audience to whom it will no longer budge.

The film, that The Daily News calls a “refreshing nod to inclusivity” -is starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Gabrielle Union, Lucy Liu, Dennis Quaid and Jaboukie Young-White.

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