Bill Gates Pledges to Eat No More Meat

Imagine being so nebulous that you think that animals are the only thing that's going to destroy the earth.

Imagine now you have enough money to force scientists to follow your instructions.

This is where we are in the moment and the crazed person with all this money is Bill Gates.

We need protein. It's vital for our well-being. Any Christian is aware that God created animals on this planet to feed us.

However, there's the fear among liberals that there is a surplus of consumption of meat. It's not feasible for humanity. This is the reason why Bill Gates is urging rich people, such as those in the U.S., to switch to a meat-free diet.

Gates has published a book titled “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” He recommends that we switch to synthetic beef as cattle cause many of the problems. The cattle eat grain and create methane – two elements that are detrimental for the environment.

In the present, Gates promises that he's both an optimist and realist. He is aware that it's unlikely that countries with low incomes can move to synthetic beef since there's too much cost. That's why he's hopeful that he will be able to convince the wealthier countries to adopt the change. It will guarantee that there's enough beef to those who really need it.

Ask anyone from Texas. Americans require a steak. It is made from cow. Not from a research lab.

Gates collaborates with other scientists to develop non-meat proteins inside vats. Yum, right?

California is all the rage. Former NASA scientists collaborate together with bacteria to take carbon dioxide from air. After that, it is converted into protein powder, so that it can be used to be transformed into a meat substitute.

Do we not have enough processed food around the globe? Shouldn't we be avoiding the use of processing?

There are many ways to solve the problem of meat that do not require the removal of the animals that make the meat. There are incentives the government could offer so that cattle farmers can grow additional…

But, none of these is even being considered.

Instead, liberals would like to slap carbon neutral and animal-free proteins at us in hopes that we'll be unable discern the difference between it and succulent ribeye.

Intensive farming produces lots of carbon dioxide, which can be harmful to the environment. But intensive farming is the only way to go in order to create lots of life for us in the form of animals and plants.

There's another argument. Cows are eating excessive amounts of food that is harvested from the soil and this causes deforestation.

This isn't really a reason to argue, but numerous farms are able to produce the entire amount of food that cows are capable of eating. This means that they're 100% eco-friendly at their farm. There's no reason to believe that forests are being cleared for cattle to be fed. It's a lie the liberals propagate to get us to agree to our food products being made inside of lab vats.

A lot of people don't want to be a part of the path that Gates would like to see for America. The public is aware that he created software. He's not an expert in science. The majority of people prefer eating meat. They are aware that it offers the best nutrition for their bodies and tastes better than food produced in a laboratory.

It is a clear indication that liberals who have lots of money are dangerous. They're set to destroy the country by spreading their progressive concepts.

As many try to stick to their meat-based lifestyles, they bring up things that liberal media isn't going to tackle with a ten-foot pole. Not only are there explosions and fires in more than twelve food processing plants and facilities, but Gates is also buying farms like they are being sacked. Coincidence? Let us decide for ourselves…

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