Chris Pratt Humbly Honors WWII Veterans

Chris Pratt isn't a typical Hollywood famous person and his true color was displayed at Wednesday's launch of The Terminal List.

The actor stars in Amazon Prime's brand new show that follows an ex- Navy SEAL officer, who is investigating an ambush that took place on his unit during a secret mission.

Chris did not expect to meet an elderly group of veterans at the premier; however, he was aware of what they looked like and was thrilled to get to know them.

He told The Associated Press:

“These were WWII veterans and each year, they make a trip towards Normandy. I was thrilled to see them here. It was a shock to me, as I had no idea that they were coming there.”

“I've been following their story,” the man said.

For Chris the appearance was “an opportunity to kind of just catch up with them.”

“[W]hen I first saw them, I thought ‘Oh my god I'm sure we'll be together for a while,' know? There's never enough time to spend together. It's certainly true on a press line, where everything's 15-second bites. I'd like to have a seat and chat with them …”

He arrived on time. Chris shook hands with the soldiers, thanking them for their services. Chris declared that he wanted to “honor them for their great sacrifice.”

“Honor” seems to be a shrinking practice in the present. The supply of respect is ever decreasing and it's more so for seniors concerned. The idea of honoring the past generation before us doesn't make for an “me first” America.

The TikTok generation certainly has no idea what “sacrifice” looked like in 1941.

However, Chris appears to be an old-fashioned man. Chris has a tradition of honoring our nation's soldiers:

“In Honor of America's Heroes Hollywood star Chris Pratt Proves He's Not Just Like Everyone Else”

“The Legendary Chris Pratt Comes Up with the idea of a contest to raise money for Veterans who have suffered brain injuries.” 

“Amazing actors Chris Pratt & John Krasinski Thanks Our Veterans and announce an Memorial Day Challenge”

He's different from Hollywood in many ways:

“Chris Pratt Announces a Period of Fasting & Prayer”

“An eminent Hollywood Star comes to the defense of a Man of Faith He calls him a real ‘Christian'”

The premiere was a great success. Chris spoke of his admiration for the Armed Forces in general:

“I have an absolute affinity for our Navy SEAL community, for our men and women in uniform, and especially for our special operators and all they go through and all they sacrifice.”

In footage of a photo set-up at the event, you can hear him searching for “our veterans”:

Chris said the veterans are the “wonderful group of extraordinary men of the greatest generation.”

What a difference Hollywood could be if it was full of this kind of grace and respect. This should be the case of the rest of the world.

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