Los Angeles Politicians Want to Ban New Gas Stations

California has the highest prices for gas across the country as well as some of the highest home costs. With a second gas tax scheduled to take effect on July 1st, with governor Gavin Newsom committing to completely outlaw all drilling activity in one of the most oil-rich states in America, there is no end in sight for the frightened Californians.

Let it be the City of Los Angeles to always add insult to the. L.A. city council member Paul Koretz is introducing a policy that would permanently ban the building of new gas stations.

“We have stopped the drilling of oil in Los Angeles. We are moving towards all-electric new construction. We are also working towards the elimination of fossil fuels in transportation,” said Paul Koretz, one of the LA council members developing the policy. “Our great and influential city, which grew up around the automobile, is the perfect place to figure out how to move off the gas-powered car.”

In addition to having one of the most rapidly rising criminal rates in the United States, Los Angeles also has one of the most shabby public transportation systems. Trains and buses are often used by homeless people with mental illness as well as addicts who are frequently one in the same. The city council is constantly dreaming of ways to make the lives of struggling Angelenos tougher; however, they offer no alternative to cars and only the rich are able to afford electric cars that are located in California's Golden State.

The Guardian:

LA's new policy is a major shift for the city's car-dependent metro which has been named in the top ten most crowded areas with regard to US commuters. If it is successful, Los Angeles would be the biggest city to approve the policy. Andy Shrader, a staff member of Koretz's office, said that the councilmember hopes to see the measure take effect before the end of the year.

“Our everyday habits of bad behavior have been destroying the natural systems we rely on to survive. It's the responsibility of cities to stop the climate crisis,” Shrader said. “If you're suffering from lung cancer, you must stop smoking. If the planet is burning, we must stop putting gasoline on it.”

There are currently no specifics about the practical implementation of the utopian environmental strong-arming system. Should gas stations that have been destroyed by fire or other natural disaster be permitted to rebuild? If the city is growing is it possible to construct new gas stations in order to accommodate new First Responder Centers? Does the city have ideas to transform public transportation into an even more feasible alternative?

Does it really  have to be a concern for Los Angeles voters, who aren't able to generate the courage to hold their leaders accountable for their work?

The most hated character in California is the taxpayer.

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