Queer Bible Study Hosted by MIT and Harvard

It's possible to not consider MIT as a venue for Bible school; however, the school will be hosting an in-depth study of the Bible.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology houses the Rainbow Lounge that is run by its LGBTQ+ Services. The department is described as “an intercultural campus resource for diverse gender, romantic, and sexual identities.”

On Thursdays, LBGTQ+ Services teams with Harvard University for a Christian service.

The MIT/Harvard Queer Bible Studies sign-up page greets participants in the following manner:

Hello! We're delighted that you're considering joining us to participate in Bible studies this year in the spring. With a thoughtful and a generous involvement with Mark's Gospel, we're hoping that we will create a homosexual and trans-affirming Christian space where we can bring the wholeness of ourlives and desires into dialogue with the gospel from Jesus Christ. We'll be meeting every Thursday night from February. 17th to April. 21st, on Zoom in the hope that we'll be able to meet in person on a later date in the semester, if the public health situation allows.

Sexuality seems to have reverberated through all facets of society. The past was when Bible studying was so sexually insensitive that it was meant for youngsters. However, there are more and more that require niches. Perhaps the queer Bible group is merely the latest version of a traditional young Marrieds class. In any case, the faith of believers is certainly becoming more welcoming:

“Church Pastor claims Jesus “transgenders Himself” in the Bible”

“Church Hosts “Pride” Drag Show”

“Christian Divinity School Recites Prayer to the ‘Great Queer One' who's a Drag Queen as well as ‘Trans Man'”

“Christian University Showcases Art Depicting the ‘Gay' Jesus”

Watch: Catholic College Professor Probes His School for Professions #Pride

“May brought some significant news: Iconic Christian school Baylor University Christened Prism as its first LGBT student group.”

There was an era in America that culture was influenced by religious beliefs. However, culture has evolved. Today, church members who hold to their old beliefs are likely to lose members. Even if they do remain on track, the future isn't as it used to be.

MITCampus Reform notes that the school held its lavender Graduation inside the Rainbow Lounge. It was followed by an evening reception to celebrate “Alumnx.”

LGBT Services is on the ball. Its website contains specific pages dedicated to “Trans” and also “QTPoC.”

This Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPoC) page will offer MIT Students with most current tools and programs all through the year. The page will be frequently updated, so check it out and browse through the QTPoC information.

QTPoC is a place for trans and queer people of color to get together with one another once a month, to chat, or watch movies and get assistance. The first phase of QTPoC is chilling on the internet and engaging in conversation and creating communities. What's been your experience? What are you doing? Have something you'd like to be able to share? The second component of QTPoC could be a contest or event, or even a program. You are welcome to join anytime and bring your acquaintances! QTPoC is a place for LBGTQand students of color within the MIT community.

The concept of education — just like religion — was once independent of sexuality as a whole. However, sexuality is now an integral part of our culture. In the present, you can often find an Irish Pride flag alongside one that is an American one. Perhaps, as we advance, alongside an American one, there's a Christian one, too.

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