Abortion Supporters Rage at Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Pro-abortion activists have railed at their Supreme Court, former President Donald Trump, red states, and more since the landmark SCOTUS decision on Friday, which has overturned Roe v. Wade. Now, they're focusing on a new target: the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was famous for her stance on women's rights. She was also famously given the title of “Notorious RBG.”

It even has an RBG action figure to buy if you're inclined to buy it. In 2017, she declared herself a “flaming feminist litigator,” however none of that is evidently enough to ward off the ferocious criticisms of the Left.

Her crime? Refusing to retire when Barack Obama was still president. In her death in 2020, at the age of 87, she opened a space that Trump was able to fill with the traditional Justice Amy Coney Barrett. If RBG quit when she was “just” 85 or so, Obama presumably would have appointed the judge Merrick Garland, who almost definitely would not have made a ruling against Roe.

Journalist Scott Feinberg implies her legacy is stained by her decision not to step down.

Certain fans were more vicious than that and had no shame in killing a dead person.

What these critics don't realize is that nearly no one thought Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election of 2016. There was no reason for Ginsburg to hold on for just a couple of years. Just three days prior to elections, an opinion poll revealed that Hillary had a 99 percent probability of winning. It's not easy to argue with Ginsburg's obvious reasoning of not having anything to worry about when she stayed on the job.

A different tweet that is unhinged reads “Reminder: Ruth Bader Ginsberg chose to be dead in the midst of Trump instead of paving the way for a suitable substitute under Obama. The path to hell is marked by white feminists.”


Liberals are becoming incredibly awful out there. A colleague I work with, Jeff Charles, reports on the frequent usage of the “N-word” on Twitter in recent times to describe Justice Clarence Thomas. It's not a surprise, therefore, that, in addition to Thomas, they're focusing their attention on those who are on their side. Even former president Obama who has become a cult persona in the Democratic party, cannot escape the fire. Freelance reporter Eoin Higgins writes:

“Thank you to RBG today for helping to make this possible.”

“Also, thanks also to Obama for not putting aside recess to nominate Garland or any other candidate to replace Scalia, your lack of action and failed presidency contributed to making this happen.”

Ouch. Barack will not be happy about the way Biden is acting. And you didn't imagine Biden could be spared from injury, did you? Screenwriter Thomas Cunningham writes:

The Dems were unable to codify Roe even though they should have been able to. RBG was unwilling to retire, even though Obama could choose her replacement. Biden said he would codify Roe. He didn't. Trump’s victory is just one part. The other part is Dem incompetence.

Not to be missed, of course, is Left's most beloved villain, Orange Bad Man. The Washington Post writes simply, “For the fall of Roe v. Wade, thank Donald Trump.”

We all knew that the Left would be apprehensive when Roe was overturned and attack Trump, SCOTUS, Clarence Thomas, as well as Republicans with their hyperbolic verbal rants and incendiary remarks. And it's no surprise that they have. The thing that is interesting is that they are turning their backs on their own political icons, such as Obama, RBG, and Biden. It's difficult not to feel a little bit of a sour feeling watching them consume their own. The saying goes that they're enjoying a taste of their own medicine.

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