Angry Mob in Arizona Vandalizes Police Memorial

Last night, RedState reported that police in the state capital of Arizona were ordered to declare a protest in the Capitol building in downtown Phoenix “an unlawful assembly” following protesters for abortion rights, furious over the Supreme Court's decision that struck down the legal basis of Roe v. Wade, becoming violent and trying to enter the structure.

Later on Saturday, my coworker Bonchie posted about other emerging information, including a state senator who described lawmakers as feeling as if they were being held captive inside the building being sprayed with bullets, to law enforcement not being able to stop the rioters by using tear gas.

The local TV station KTVK/KPHO is focusing on what transpired next that is so similar to the “mostly peaceful” protests we experienced following the passing of George Floyd in 2020. Remember the throngs that were dominated by extreme Black Lives Matter and other activists who were spraying graffiti on and damaging public monuments, historical figures, and statues?

As RedState's Nick Arama wrote:

This is only the latest installment of the “rip down our history crowd.” They've also destroyed or defaced Abraham Lincoln, a World War II veterans' monument, as well as a monument dedicated to black Civil War veterans.

It seems that the “rip down our history crowd” is back and this time it's in the city of Phoenix.


The Arizona Department of Public Safety has reacted to Friday night's pro-choice demonstration at the state capitol within downtown Phoenix. Around 7,000 to 8,000 people attended according to the department's estimates.

Law enforcement officers say that protesters were warned multiple times that they had violated the law and were now in a trespassing violation.

Troopers later used field force teams and tear gas in order to disperse the crowd. Protesters were said to have vandalized several memorials at Wesley Bolin Plaza.

The media outlet also released the list of seven memorials that were vandalized:

Bolin Memorial Amphitheater

158th Regimental Memorial

Arizona Peace Officers Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Memorial

Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial

Lt. Frank Luke Jr. Memorial

In a tweet posted on Saturday, Arizona's most powerful law enforcement official, Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich denounced the defacing of one particular memorial, The Arizona Peace Officers Memorial, and posted pictures of the desecration

Brnovich wrote:

A mob of angry protesters vandalized the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial last night, following the dispersal at the State Capitol. This was not a peaceful or legal protest.

We cannot tolerate criminal efforts to demolish our institutions and intimidate our government officials.

For those who don't know, memorials such as this help to remember those police officers who sacrificed their lives for the cause of duty.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did the president Joe Biden just speak during the Peace Officers commemoration in May, following the mass shooting at the Buffalo grocery store shooting? Yes, he did. But, will we get a statement from Biden in the next few days similar to AG Brnovich's declaration in which he said that “we must never tolerate” the kind of behavior which shames the fallen? Don't bet on it. As most readers are aware, this kind of language is used to push issues that advance the agenda, such as tighter laws on gun control, preserving an unrestricted “right” to kill babies until the point of birth, and for locating parents who go to school board meetings and may be domestic terrorists, or white supremacists disguised as such.

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