California Lt. Governor Tells People to Disobey Supreme Court Ruling

There are times when questions arise regarding how I and fellow California residents whose work is featured on these pages manage to remain within the somewhat damaged Golden State. There are two reasons. One, it's our home, a place that is worth fighting for, despite the ever-increasing chances. Another, no other place on the planet, besides Washington D.C., provides such a constantly abundant supply of ready-made materials for discussion and analysis. Hollywood is perhaps the capital of entertainment in the world, but it takes a matter of only a few minutes to find many locations where the content is available that is constantly flowing.

The latest riot of laughter originates from California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis — she's an actual Democrat — who has come out with a hilarious comedy routine which, even by the network that it was aired on, MSNBC, was a little excessive. From:

On Friday's MSNBC's “Katy Tur Reports,” California Lieutenant. Governor. (D) Eleni Kounalakis (D) declared that citizens must “be prepared to live in defiance of these six people who think that they have the right to tell you what you can do with their body.” Then this court “undermined their legitimacy.” Because it's not “legitimate to remove that right from us. They can't inform thousands of American women what to do with their bodies.”

So, making abortion as a state-wide issue is giving women instructions on how to handle their body. Okay, then. One could argue that this astonishingly avoids the entire issue of the rights that a newborn child has to avoid being cut alive; however, that is something for another time.

What stands out above all else is Kounalakis' blatant admonition of defying law, that, as she is a Democrat in California she's well-versed with, anyone who's had an excursion to the southern border will be able to testify that it is a bizarre decision to dismiss Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas. Is this a racist decision? It's not really, however it's fascinating.

“Who do you think is Clarence Thomas? Is the one who is my Saudi Arabian father who's going to dictate what I can and can't do with my body, or with my life? This is what it's coming all the way to.” Kounalakis said.

Imagine a Republican lieutenant governor who makes this statement by substituting Sonia Totomayor for Thomas, and Mexican mother in place of Saudi Arabian father. The media riot would be immediate and constant. But Kounalakis can denigrate a minority — actually two in the insulting reference to a religiously conservative Muslim father — and not receive any rebuke? That must be quite pleasant.

To her credit, MSNBC's Katy Tur offered at least an eminent rebuke of Kounalakis' defiance rant.

Then, Tur was asked, “I understand where you're getting your information from, and what you believe you're getting from. But when you tell people to challenge this Supreme Court, are you not concerned about the messages that could be sent to the public about anything else that the Supreme Court might rule on which you would like and others may not?”

Kounalakis replied with more rage and dribbles on women's God-given rights with regard to their bodies, revealing she is ignorant of the things God Himself has said about the issue.

Ah, California. It's never boring here.

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