Flores Confirms Pelosi Shoved Child

After first seeing the footage that showed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appearing to smack the child of Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) with her elbow in the photo-op to celebrate her swearing-in, I was thinking that it was a video that was altered or perhaps the angles weren't as clear. However, I then saw an image from C-Span which seemed to be showing the same thing.

As we've reported, Nancy looks at her and moves her elbow and then the child shifts to her left.

Today Mayra Flores herself is now confirming that it is true. Actor James Woods commented on the incident, and Flores replied:

“I am extremely happy for my strong, beautiful daughter who did not allow this to deter her. She smiled and continued to pose like a queen,” Flores said. “No child should ever be shoved aside for an opportunity to take photos. PERIOD!”

I'm not sure what was going on inside Pelosi's brain. If you feel that a child's too near, then you bend over and ask, “Honey, can you move a little to the right.” Don't press her down by your elbow, as if you don't think she's worthy of your attention. However, it's a photo opportunity that takes only a few seconds, and everybody should be close to one another, so why is this happening?

Remember this is the lady who always claims that she will do anything for the children. “Children, children, children,” San Fran Nan intones. It's not really the way it is with bullies. She is doing what she does, always to her power and for the influence that is the Democratic Party.

Is it possible that there's an unspoken hostility towards Flores winning in a previously Democratic district, and for the upcoming GOP surge in the November election? If so, it's silly to take it out on a young child. Flores' victory is an indicator that Democrats are losing rapidly with Hispanic voters due to their radicalism and their economic failures. She even got Elon Musk's vote. The official announcement was that Pelosi acknowledged Flores in her campaign. “It's a great honor to welcome Congresswoman Flores to the Capitol and to the Congress of the United States with great congratulations,” Pelosi declared in the video. “And again, grateful for her leadership and her beautiful family who is here today.” Pelosi's office has not yet responded to the incident, or Flores' remarks.

As Flores declared, congrats to her daughter for stepping up the middle like a champ. Flores herself has shown she's not going to put down her feelings. She's going to be vocal, and she's not timid about speaking up.

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