Joe Biden’s Position on Court-Pacing and the Filibuster Frenzies the Left

Do you think Joe Biden admitting that he knows that Democrats are likely to be hit in the midterms, shows that he's hedged his bets?

It could be the case, based on the words of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Saturday.

While Joe Biden was in the Senate, he was a staunch supporter of the filibuster. However, in the past couple of years, since Biden has left the Senate, Democrats are screaming to eliminate the filibuster in order to handle the small majority of the Senate. Biden has been a bit snarky on court-packing and filibuster. Biden was not for taking positions. In January, Democrats were screaming at the mention of Jim Crow and losing their minds over voting rights (what did they do?). Biden stated that he would like to change the filibuster.

On Saturday, while speaking to reporters on Air Force One, Jean-Pierre claimed that the Court/Republicans were planning to snatch people's rights to contraception, as well as other rights.

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: We're worried about that. If you take a look at what Justice Thomas said — Justice Thomas wrote specifically the fact that “In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court's substantive due process precedents.”

Don't be fooled: – congressional Republicans have stated it clearly; Republican leaders, on the national level have made it clear that they are not going after and pursuing women's reproductive healthcare across the nation and beyond. This is what we heard from them yesterday.

It's not true, the Court clarified that the rights of women were not at risk and that the decision was only a reference to abortion. Democrats are intentionally misinterpreting the words of Justice Thomas,but in any instance, they are not expressing the majority that was a part of the Court.

Jean-Pierre then made an interesting comment to reporters, which is causing a lot of anger for those who are left.

Jean-Pierre stated that Biden did not support the calls to increase the size of the Court. She was a bit unsure on whether Biden would be in favor of eliminating the filibuster. She said that if voters voted for more Democrats, that would fix the problem in his eyes.

Is now the right time according to the President's perspective to consider overhauling the Court? If yes, what would the President like to be able to do?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE I'm aware that I've been asked to answer the same question the other day. I've also been asked this question before. I believe the President himself isn’t thinking of doing something to expand the Court. It's something that the President doesn't agree with. This isn't something he would like to do. [….]

On that note, what is the President's position on reforming the filibuster? He's said, for example, “Elect more Democrats.” Let's say he gathered 2 more Democrats from the Senate who were okay with a filibuster being eliminated on this subject, so there were 50. Would he support this position?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE”I'm saying that the moment we have- – more members of Congress and more people in Congress who are in support of Roe and the idea is that we'd be capable of passing a law to accomplish that. I don't think that the, I don't believe that the filibuster could have any role to play in this.

However, that's exactly what we need to accomplish. We have to ensure the Congress elects more people or has more members and joins Congress and make an impact here.

The point I'm trying to make is that I'm hearing — I'm hearing you. I can hear your arguments regarding the filibuster. But I'm thinking that if we are able to, should Americans be able to exercise their voices at the polls and bring more members to Congress who support these issues, there's a possibility of making a change. There's a way we can reestablish Roe. That will be the top thing we can accomplish.

Initially, the story was stated by a CNN report that Biden was not in agreement with getting rid of the filibuster.

Air Force One (@CNN) -Reporters were interviewed onboard Air Force One, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden is not able to support calls to expand the scope of SCOTUS, or to eliminate the filibuster. She poured cold water over the steps that certain liberal Democrats have advocated to take in the wake of Dobbs.

— Mike Valerio (@ValerioCNN) June 25, 2022

The transcript, however, didn't declare that the filibuster was a problem, however it did show that she was somewhat cautious about the issue, and that Biden was not saying that he would get rid of it.

In the event that this doesn't get taken back, what is this sign?

It's a fascinating claim, especially considering that Biden generally avoids making the issue and is avoiding asnwering when asked about them. What is the reason he's shifting (apparently) from his previous position on the issue of “voting rights”? He's not prepared to go as far in regards to abortion? What is the reason he's now certain regarding the court-packing issue?

Biden (or those in charge) could be finally realizing they're not able to change anything and that they're going to be sacked during the midterms and that even this issue will be able to save them. If they eliminate the filibuster right now and then pack the Court it will only end up harming themselves as they lose the power. The President would be severely restricted in his final two years should they decide to do so. It was apparent prior to this, but perhaps his handlers have finally come to terms with this now that we are getting closer to the midterm elections.

But, KJP saying what she did has angered some left-wingers, which are the exact people he has to remain loyal to the Democrats in the midterm elections. Perhaps the Biden team is hoping that these people will be compelled to vote for Democrats in any case. But I wouldn't put my money on that. There are many people who are angry and claim that this reaction isn't enough and that this is a demotivating strategy to get people to vote, especially if Democrats will not take action in the first place.

We shouldn't be able to make up our minds. It's a joke to declare “give me more Democrats” in the event that you aren't willing to back reforms to filibuster legislation.

There's something behold. However, they're where they are currently — in complete confusion.

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