Liberals Focus Anger Towards Catholics

In the endless saga of liberals seeking to blame something or someone else for a Supreme Court that, unlike them, actually looked up the Constitution, the “We should ignore it because the Founding Fathers were POOPYHEADS” tactic has taken on immense dimensions. Much like the majority of the anti-abortion harpies who are screeching. But I digress.

The most recent version of this theme is amplified thanks to MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

There's a lot to be unpacked here.

The first is the idea that Founding Fathers would have revolted at the thought of the presence of a Catholic within their ranks. Or, not so, as a respondent to Hayes described:

Daniel Carroll II signed both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution and was also his Rep for MD-6. His brother was the Archbishop John Carroll.

Dan's cousin Charles Carroll was the last living author of the Declaration of Independence. Charles was the writer of the First Citizen letters, which fought for independence. Charles was also Maryland's envoy for Quebec in the world war. He was also an important member of MD's Gov.

The Archbishop of Montreal, who was the most senior Catholic priest in the entire nation at the time, made up part of the effort to persuade Quebec to join in the American Revolution.

Oh, how annoying these pesky facts that happen when someone isn't able to remember to rewrite history.

The next issue is the obvious anti-Catholic bias that is evident in this case. “We'd still be free to murder unborn children whenever, wherever, and for whatever reason, if it wasn't for those meddling Catholics!” This is a bit similar to the ending dialogue of Scooby-Doo as well as The Vatican Mystery as penned by Dan Brown.

In the wake of the Dobbs decision being leaked, the internet has seen vandalism assaults against Catholic buildings and churches. The first to speak out against perceived hatred within the community of believers in a faith that's tenets include belief in the sanctity of life and the God-given knowledge of every human being as individuals, not just those who aren't yet born or even conceptualized and even those who are the first to show a complete hatred for the faith. They're the ones they proclaim to be against.

People who are also screaming the loudest are those who are most oblivious to their own noise. Dobbs did not ban abortion. It reverted to a deeply misguided earlier Court decision that implied abortion was a federal, not a state-level decision. The liberal states will offer a warm welcome for anyone seeking abortion at any time at any time for any reason. However, it isn't possible to reside in any metropolitan state. Homelessness, crime, and use of drugs have rendered them non-livable, even if one is able to afford it. It's much simpler to blame Catholics, Republicans, #OrangeManBad or even the the liberal icons Ruth Bader Ginsberg for neither being able to retire or die early enough instead of admitting that those same state cities, counties, and authorities that offer abortions as Halloween candy are the ones responsible for the squalor of living in their legal rules of law.

This is how modern liberal society operates. It always seeks out an excuse to place blame, thereby abdicating personal accountability. If accusing Catholics for not following the law is the latest way to fight, then allow them to be Don Quixote. There are two major differences, however. Don Quixote was undoubtedly Catholic due to his admittedly fictional period and time. In addition, he was, at the very least, amusing with his absurdity. Liberals can't even meme.

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