Miss France Welcomes Biological Male Contestant

In the Miss France pageant, they're operating an inclusive contest. So, on Thursday, the pageant's organizers announced some notable additions.

According to The Washington Examiner, the Miss Ile-de-France Committee announced that Andrea Furet will be competing to be Miss France 2023.

The details of Andrea are distinct:

Furet is a man of biological origin who has just completed success in Miss Paris, winning first and second place.

Previously Andrea would not have been able to gain entry, however a lawsuit was filed in the month of October last year

The feminist group Osez le Feminisme — that included three failed pageant hopefuls — claim that Miss France has wrongful requirements. The group claimed that established rules created “a negative and retrograde impact on the whole of society.”

The regulations were revised, opening Andrea's path

The pageant's national competition changed its rules in June, allowing women who are taller than 5 feet 5 inches and mothers, smokers, as well as those with tattoos to participate. The height requirement previously was the only thing that kept Furet from being able to compete.

In an interview with TF1 Info recently, Andrea enjoyed mopping the floor with all the ladies except for one at Miss Paris:

“I always had a desire to achieve it, and when I realized that it was feasible, I went for it. I don't regret it! Being the first runner up is insane. It shows that people are willing to accept change, are willing to accept inclusion and living in harmony. It's really nice. The title is very associated with victory.”

Biological males have been making quite a splash in arenas that were once only reserved for women:

“New Victoria's Secret Underwear Angel is Transgender”

“A Biological Male who identifies as a Woman is Miss Nevada”

“The Emmys Nominates the First Natural Male for the Best Lead Actress”

“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Features its first transgender model who ‘Dresses the well-rounded woman'”

Certainly, it seems women-only spaces are heading like the dodo bird, including locker rooms and restrooms. Certain sports, however, are beginning to ban males who are biologically males from participating.

In the world of beauty, there is progress, and it has had a transformative effect:

Laure Mattioli — president of the Miss Ile-de France committee — stated that there's no distinction between Andrea Furet and the other girls:

“For our purposes, Andrea is a candidate just like the rest of us. This new rule doesn't alter the way candidates are treated. The candidate is female based on the basis of her marriage status. This is all that matters. I'm not in the private lives of girls.”

If Andrea is crowned Miss France, it's on to the Miss Universe pageant. The show already hosts transgenderism thanks to Angela Ponce, Miss Spain 2018. I hope that 2023's show will be able to recapture certain aspects of Miss Universe's previous glamour — check out “Newly Transgender-Friendly Miss Universe Pageant Bombs.”

The beauty pageants — where it's a bit puzzling that winners cry while losers laugh — are actually expanding. They're not just able to awe the audience with vaseline-teethed stage statues of different identities, but they're also pumped to help whenever you engage in inappropriate Tampon talk.

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