The Pro-Life Fight Doesn’t Stop Now

Please note that this “Moore to the Point” commentary was broadcast on NewsTalkSTL on the 27th of June. The audio can be found below.

So Friday was an interesting day. I had never imagined that in my life that I would witness Roe v. Wade overturned. I'm sure many of us were in that same boat. It was a shock to hear that it was even having a tiny hint of an idea. It was quite amazing.

One of the things I consider to be the duty of all of us who are pro-life in the wake of this decision and regardless of the chaos we're experiencing in reaction from those who are opposed to it, is to ensure that we're doing everything possible to help women who find themselves in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, and don't know which direction to go. Also, we must encourage the pregnancy resource centers whose purpose is to assist women who are in this position as well as those that provide these resources; and those who offer women an alternative – an alternative to aborting.

That's why we must take the steps, not just talk about it. It is not enough to rejoice that Life prevailed, but keep celebrating it by helping take care of and help those which were saved through this historic decision.

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