Amazon Employees Petition Company to Take a Stand on Abortion

Many Amazon employees have signed a petition asking the online giant to protest the recent SCOTUS decision that overturned Roe v. Wade in a statement that the company should be able to take “immediate and decisive action against the threat to our basic human rights.” Not surprising, one of those crucial decisions is to allow the employees the opportunity to take time to “to grieve” the ruling. Seriously.

The well-known Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok posted the following petition:

Last Sunday we discussed how smart companies following the Roe ruling swiftly offered to cover employees' transportation costs if they had to travel to another state in order to obtain an abortion. The list of companies includes Facebook parent company Meta, American Express, Bank of America, Dick's Sporting Goods, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Starbucks, Lyft and, obviously, Amazon. What we really want when we purchase pet toys is someone telling us what to think about abortion.

Insider reports that by midday in Seattle on Monday, over 300 triggered employees had signed the petition. According to my calculations, that's the entire .027 percentage of the 1.1 million US workforce! They wrote:

The undersigned are writing to you today to demand immediate and swift response to a threat to our fundamental rights following the reversal of Roe v. Wade. As part of Amazon's broad-ranging efforts to create an open, diverse, and healthy workforce, we are convinced Amazon should not let this latest decision be ignored. We call on Amazon as the world's top employer to stand up for this attack on our rights.

When did it become an organization's responsibility to defend itself against the Supreme Court? Particularly when the decision is not affecting their company directly? Madness.

The employees recognize that certain ideas could “bear a larger business risk than others,” however, they do would like Amazon to “Think big to change the world.” One thing is that these employees are not shy. they have an extensive wish list:

1.) Make use of Amazon's voice to publically and unambiguously protest against this decision.

2. ) Let workers of every gender have the time and space to grieve, voice their anger, and protest against the snare to our rights.

Oh my God! We must stop here. Corporations pay employees for your work and not go home and cry. Are conservatives granted time off when they disagree with an election decision? Would I be able to ask for one week's holiday because I don't approve of Joey's inflation policies? I'd get laughed out of the door. That brings us back to the issue of why it is only liberals who come up with these bizarre demands? Answer: Because typically, they receive what they want. Amazon will likely establish an official group, or something and provide these individuals with the majority of what they're requesting. They're also asking for more:

6.) Remove and audit product offerings that deceive the truth about abortion or incite hate speech or violence towards abortionists.

Ah, censorship. It was inevitable at some point. We're not thrilled with your position. We demand that the second largest firm in the world silence you.

The employees also have a number of other important “requests” too, including the demand that Amazon stop making donations to groups that are opposed to abortion, and expand remote work options to allow employees can relocate to pro-abortion states, and much more. The most recent request, number 9, I consider to be the most controversial:

9) Stop operations in states which enact laws that harm the rights and freedoms of women seeking abortion or providers, whether by refusing them access to healthcare in life-threatening circumstances, or through criminalizing abortion providers and their providers.

Oh, you've just lost Jeff Bezos on that one–if there's a way to earn a profit, no law or principle will stand between him and his goals. Amazon is investing billions of dollars into warehouses all over the nation and will not close them due to the SCOTUS's decision that has caused some employees to be upset.

It was a stunning moment when Netflix was fed up with its overly demanding employees and let go of many employees in May. What the activists don't understand and neither do the businesses that listen to them and follow their advice, is that a large majority of people are not a fan of the progressive agenda, and they have money as well.

Businesses that continue to accept the demands of their employees will be paying the price for this, as Disney has learned. It will be fascinating to find out how Amazon responds to these ridiculous requirements, though my bet is that they'll take most of them, unless it impacts their bottom line.

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