French President Emmanuel Macron Schools Joe Biden on His Insane Energy policies

An ocean of mediocrity is moving through Germany because the G7 leaders, including Joe Biden, have come together to discuss climate change and abortion and generally make your life harder. As is the norm, you will see a lot of insensitive images and statements that are not addressing real-world issues. This is the G7 in an eloquent way.

Even among the Eurotrash which comprises the majority of the countries in the world, there's a limit to how much they can absorb in the face of the enormous global oil shortage. On this subject, the French president Emmanuel Macron decided to drop some facts on Biden concerning his bizarre energy policies. The incident was one of the times that you are shocked that the French are more knowledgeable of reality than Biden.

If Macron is forced to act as an alternative voice and a voice of reason, you can tell that the US has fallen a long way from its lofty perch. Joe Biden is singularly responsible for the decline. Even with an energy shortage in the world which is causing economies to go into chaos and could cause the death of millions because of exposure or food shortages, President Biden remains as distant as ever.

Biden's plan to fix all of the problems that have arisen in exchange for 5 dollars for a gallon for gas? Beg Saudis as well as Emiratis to make more oil all over the world. However, as Macron says, the world is close to or at capacity. It is only possible to squeeze so much juice from the lemon. Refining capacity is another issue that the president has no intention of addressing. These are things that any president who's not an old fashioned coot ought to be aware of, but it's up to Macron as the French president to educate the nation. Even more troubling, it doesn't seem like Biden was able to comprehend the information he was given. It's shocking to see.

In addition, to add the final touches to this masterpiece of stupidity, Biden has spent the last two years shaming the Saudis and cozying up to Iran. This means that even if the Saudis were able to produce more (they do not have enough capacity to be considered a priority) they probably would not give it to us in the first place. This is how stupid the foreign policy of the president has been. For the past 50 years, this utterly mental ninja has made mistakes on every major geopolitical decision and it's not a huge surprise that he'd make the same mistake also.

While in America, places like North Dakota, Texas, and Alaska are holding mountains of oil reserves that are waiting to be discovered. Instead of asking Islamofascist regimes for oil and gas, we should instead be using our own resources to control the global oil market. Biden isn't keen on doing this, however, since it's incompatible with his green agenda. We cannot afford to have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becoming angry, can we? So you'll have to be a victim while he snoozes in Germany while doing little to assist everyday Americans.

The cancellation of pipelines as well as frozen leases for oil and record prices for energy. This is Biden's legacy to the world and he's not able to run away from it. We hope he will pay the price for it in November, and then in 2024.

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