Judge Strikes Down New York City’s Voting Law

It is reported that the New York City Council took the most radical step last December when it passed an ordinance to allow non-residents the right to cast votes at the polls in New York City municipal elections. 

The fact that non-citizens can vote is an omission from the notion of voting in any country across the world. The idea that residents can vote simply because of being a resident in a particular area is so absurd it is only a progressive s**hole such as New York City (or San Francisco or Los Angeles…you know the story) could have imposed the idea on its hapless citizens. However, the concept was so popular that mayor Candidate Eric Adams pimped it while campaigning, only to endorse it after being elected mayor.

It's hard to think of the most blatant attack on integrity in the voting process, other than the usual craziness in Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. Anyone who is not aware of their Democrat system within New York City believes for one second that only resident immigrants are registered to vote. It was a certain bet that illegals could also be registered to vote.

The process of corroding voter rolls is not a simple matter. When the voter's book is filled with the names of those who are not permitted to vote, regardless of whether they are felons, residents, or non-citizens, it alters the results of every election in that particular jurisdiction. If the corrupted data on voting originates from a place as vast as New York City, then the results for the entire state of New York are open to being questioned.

A number of Republican lawmakers filed suit to stop this scandal and have prevailed in their first contest.

The law which would've permitted non-citizens the right to vote in elections held in New York City was struck down by a State Supreme Court justice in Staten Island who said it was in violation of State Constitutional rights. 

The ordinance that was ratified by City Council members in December, could have allowed over 800,000 green card holders, or permanent legal residents to vote in elections like mayor or City Council.

However, Justice Ralph J. Porzio declared in a Monday ruling that proposed law was in conflict with the constitution's guidelines that allow only citizens who are eligible to vote. Giving non-citizens the ability to vote will require a referendum, Judge Porzio wrote.

The law wasn't set to take effect until January next year. The ruling will not affect the outcome on the primary vote scheduled for Tuesday for New York.

Some notes to clarify the situation. Beware of the “State Supreme Court” title. This is the lowest the court system within New York. Two levels are over it, the top court being The Court of Appeals. (Something positive could be gained from the show Law & Order, as difficult as it may be for you to accept.) This is the first time that a judge has made a ruling on this suit. There's plenty of time to make a mess.

“Today's decision validates those of us who can read the plain English words of our State Constitution and State statutes,” said Joseph Borelli, a Republican councilman from Staten Island who was one of the plaintiffs. “Noncitizen voting in New York is illegal.”

Unfortunately, the truth is that the man, Borelli, seems to think that he is in a state which is governed by law. If that was the scenario, this law would not have been passed. However, he doesn't and there's no reason for us to think that judges of higher courts will adhere to the law, rather than their electoral patrons. The best chance to stop this debacle could be for Mayor Adams to determine that it is too costly of his diminishing financial capital for defending an unjust law.

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