New Voicemails Revealed from Biden to His Son About Chinese Business Dealings

Joe Biden has said repeatedly that he did not speak with his son about his business transactions. In Particular, he denied that his son ever earned any money connected to China.

We've demonstrated in the past that both assertions were false.

Joe had meetings with various business associates of Hunter when in the vice president position. This included when he sat together with associates from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan during a dinner in the Cafe Milano situated in Georgetown in the year 2015.

Joe Biden also met with Jonathan Li, one of Hunter's business associates in 2013, when Joe Biden flew Hunter on Air Force Two to his meeting with Li in China. 

Also, there were photos of Hunter's billionaire business partners, which included Carlos Slim, at the residence of the VP.

Hunter's message suggested the fact that he was annoyed that he had been getting meetings, but didn't feel the amount of money he received back was appropriate.

These are only a few we've heard.

In the end, not only did Hunter earn millions from China, but Tony Bobulinksi had also spoken out in October of 2020 to say that Joe Biden was the “big guy” mentioned in the emails. Biden was to be awarded some of the proceeds from the joint venture they were in the process of negotiating together with the Chinese Oil company CEFC.

However, now there's an audio message from 2018 which completely snuffs out Joe Biden from his own mouth when he talks about the business of his son. The voicemail was recorded from an unrestored backup from Joe Biden's iPhone XS that was stored on his laptop. In it, Joe left a note to Hunter wanting to discuss his New York Times story related to Hunter's experience with the CEFC.

The Times‘ 2018 story highlighted that CEFC's chairman Ye Jianming was detained by police in China along with his senior lieutenant Patrick Ho had been convicted in the US for taking bribes from African officials to assist Iran to evade sanctions on oil.

It was revealed that Ye had visited Hunter at a Miami hotel last year to negotiate “a collaboration to fund American energy and infrastructure deals.'

The Times reported that when Ho was detained the following day, he contacted his brother Jim Biden – who told the paper that he believed the phone call was intended for Hunter.

The Gray Lady said it was unclear if Hunter Biden struck any business arrangements with CEFC, without knowing at the time the extent of his connections to his Chinese business associates.

Joe then left a voicemail for Hunter when the story broke.

‘Hey pal, it's Dad. It's 8:15 in the evening on Wednesday. If you have a chance, you can give me a call. It's not urgent. I wanted to speak to you,' he added.

“I thought the story that was released on the internet, which will be published next week in the Times, was great. I believe you're on the right track. If you ever get the chance, call me. Love you.”

“I think you're clear,” Joe declared. Perhaps they were worried regarding what could be revealed, however, they thought they'd avoided it.

The truth was revealed later that Ho was a client of Hunter to act in the capacity of an attorney. What kind of assistance did he get for his money? Hunter Biden was not exactly considered to be a top criminal lawyer.

As per NBC:

Biden did not appear in Ho's case. There are no messages from his laptop that show Biden was involved in the legal strategy for the case or even drafted any legal documents that were not his suggestions of who to serve as Ho's legal counsel.

This could explain why Joe was concerned.

A copy of the FISA warrant that was obtained by confirms Federal agents had been keeping an eye on Ho as a possible surveillance agent for China.

While hunkered down in the hotel room with a prostitute who was filming amateur sex tapes, Hunter accidently recorded himself saying Ho was  the “spy Chief from China.”

“I have an additional New York Times reporter calling regarding my representation of the real”Dr. Patrick Ho — the f***ing spy chief from China who founded the company my friend Jianming, who is valued at $323 billion started and is currently missing from the list,' Hunter told his female friend on recording from May 11, 2018.

“The wealthiest man on earth is missing, and he was my friend.”

What Ho's job specifically is with China isn't clear; however, Hunter was seen to believe that the importance of his position as an intelligence operative working for China but he had no issue working for the Chinese or stealing money from Hunter.

We don't just have a myriad of questions regarding Hunter's Russian connections as a result of Russian promises and escorts and the claims of blackmail, but we have all sorts of questions regarding China as well. In addition, we have questions about Ukraine and all the money flowing into the country at the urging of Joe Biden. The situation is a mess that calls for an investigation to be completed.

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