Chemical Abortion Access is New Fight

This is one reason the work by the pro-life movement is not done. It's Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra claiming that in his job, he will continue to come up with ways for the federal government to assist in the process of abortion. We are also dealing with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass. ), AOC, and other elected Democrat “leaders” floating the idea of using federal property to build abortion tents. The complete rage of the abortion industry becomes more and more apparent as the nation is navigating an unintended post-Roe era.

Their only chance of keeping the people who profit from death and rituals that are not legitimate is by using the abortion pill. Before the Dobbs verdict, the pills were sold out of shops and pro-abortion advocates were giving information about the ways they are accessible and how to use the drugs without medical advice.

This is a risk, and the consequences for those who take this path are still to be investigated. This could be one reason that pharmacies across the United States are imposing new restrictions on accessibility to these drugs.

From The Hill:

Numerous major pharmacies have begun to place restrictions on the purchase of emergency contraception, which is often called “morning-after pills” — due to an increase in demand following the decision made last week to reverse Roe v. Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Both companies, CVS and Rite Aid, confirmed three-per-customer purchase limitations in a story that was released to NBC News on Tuesday morning. The restrictions apply to Plan B One-Step and Aftera that are both brand name drugs for the drug Levonorgestrel. CVS stated to NBC that it had “ample supply” of the drugs, however the company wants to offer “equitable access” and a regular supply.

I'm guessing that these pharmacies, controlled by pharmaceutical companies and corporations, are doing all they can to prevent legal liability.

Best of luck.

These are also known as emergency abortifacients. It is not advised to take this medication without medical guidance and it is not recommended to be using them in the same way as Tic-Tacs. However, a generation that is sunk in dust and sackcloth due to being not able to connect without consequences is full of foolishness and lack common sense.

Pharmacists and doctors advise that emergency contraception is not intended for routine use. Plan B, and its clones are not drugs that induce abortion and are designed to stop the process of ovulation if combined with sexual activity for a period of 72 hours with no protection.

According to Heartbeat International, nearly half of abortions in United States occur through the abortion pill. This is despite the reality that Roe V. Wade has been thrown out, and the matter regarding abortion as well as the rights to have it determined by the states in the territories they reside in and that they reside in, the number is likely to increase.

This is the reason Heartbeat International, Live Action, as well as other pro-life groups have crisis hotlines, centers, and websites for women who are dissatisfied by the decision to use the abortion pill and wish to reverse the procedure. This is a smart choice for them.

Our belief is that women should not be forced to endure an abortion she regrets. The Abortion Pill Rescue Network connects women who've had their first dosages of Abortion Pill together with a network of medical professionals certified in the administration of Abortion Pill Reversal procedures.

The abortion pill comes in two different forms and is permitted to be used as long as 10 weeks pregnant. One ingredient, Mifepristone (or Ru-486) is the initial medication used to induce abortion and decreases hormones such as progesterone which regulates for the development of a newborn. Misoprostol, the second ingredient, is the one that triggers the baby to be taken away. If the woman is unhappy with the first dosage, the pregnancy may be saved with the help of an abortion pill rescue networks. 

The National Right to Life Committee has also suggested a model law states could adopt to regulate access to abortion pills using online telemedicine and on the internet. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem addressed these limitations during the Saturday edition of CBS “Face The Nation.”

As the Dobbs decision is unfolding, it is likely that the abortion pill will become next battlefield.

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