Democrats Finally Admit that Biden is Too Old

The past is prone to repeating itself. No matter how hard we try to avoid this, incidents happen and hit us over the head with our past every time.

In the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, many people from the political arena were asking for another candidate other than Joe Biden to be the one to face President Donald Trump. Many believed that Biden could not provide an entirely new perspective to the presidency, as his perception on the universe was becoming altered by others and the fact that Biden was too old to be able to complete his presidency.

In 2022, we're waiting for president Joe Biden. The two years prior to Biden's presidency proved to be a total nightmare. He's unwilling to collaborate with outside groups to build the nation. He advocates left-wing ideology and policies that aren't in the best interest of the nation or even seem to make sense. Instead, he's made many impulsive choices that have resulted in the inflation rate reaching 40-year highs. This has forced the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates frequently and has ridiculed this once-great nation.

Former Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) appeared on CNN's “New Day” program on June 23rd to discuss the problem. According to Cunningham, there's only one thing that the president needs to accomplish at this point to take a step towards retirement. “I think that what people detest about politicians and politics is the lack of consistency and hypocrisy. You know, we go to this White House, and see the president, Biden, and think about how the next decade is likely to look like, and a new generation of leaders and think about what If President Biden was here with me now seeking my opinion on as to whether he ought to seek to run for another term or if the time is right to retire and allow a fresh generation of leaders be born, I'd advise him to choose the latter.”

The quote refers to a previous campaign video by him which challenged the idea of people being able to participate in politics that have lived long after their peak. In the video , it was referring to the “geriatric theocracy” which has been evolving into the political landscape of today.

It's the same message that former President Trump ran on in 2016, and both are correct. Both parties have elected officials who have been around until their old age. Biden has the distinction of being one who is the oldest. Biden is currently in his 80s, and will be 82 when the time comes for him to contest his second term. Biden's claim that he was an experienced politician during his tenure within the Senate is completely absurd. He has changed his views rapidly and even utilized his position a few years ago to denounce the current policies; however, the President never takes blame for any errors. 

Cunningham acknowledged Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) who is also 81, as one of the fellow members of the same boat. Cunningham was speaking to the host on CNN and called the congressman up. “I am grateful for his work [Clyburn's] and the things he has done for the country. It's not personal. I am a good friend to Clyburn. But when we look towards our future, I think we've got to think of providing an entirely new perspective.”

The new vision has to be a new form of blood. The political environment and opinions of American citizens shift and change the needs of leaders who are able to adapt to the changing landscape. Rep. Clyborn and President Biden are two political figures who have been serving the democratic system of the United States for a long period of time. Although their character is admirable, their time of being thrown out to pasture is now long over.

This is the time when the American citizens get involved. The younger generation, which is 50 years old, is required to be involved with politics of the large-government kind. There is a left-wing organization known by the name of “The Squad”, and regardless of whether you agree with them or not, they're an association of Leftists which younger generations can be a part of. It's high time that the right-wing gets their own group running as well.

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