Ellen Weaver to Become SC Director of Education

A battleground that conservatism has been fighting on is at schools where parents fight to defend their children from the growing threat of radical ideologies that originate from the left. We've seen how this struggle along with the determination of the parents were able to take Glenn Youngkin to victory in Virginia in November of last year.

Parents continue to challenge those who love their children to compete in races across the nation.

Lawmakers just announced a major win to school choice for Arizona by passing a bill which allows 1.1 million Arizona students to make use of vouchers that are funded by taxpayers that allow them to attend private schools “This win is the biggest school choice victory in U.S. history,” Corey DeAngelis, the National Director of Research at the American Federation for Children, declared.

In South Carolina, a big advocate for the schools choice option rode the wave to a GOP Primary victory in the race to be the South Carolina Superintendent of Education. Ellen Weaver, the president and CEO of the Palmetto Promise Institute, won the primary runoff against teacher advocate Kathy Maness. She was not only the winner, she also won by a large margin of 33 percent to 63 percent.

A State View: 

“The fight to save our schools is a fight to save that American dream for the next generation,” she stated in her debate on the topic last week. “If we don't stand in the gap for our kids and against the wokeism and sexualization agendas that are coming out of Washington, we have lost our country.” Weaver will be running in the primary against Democrat Lisa Ellis, a Richland 2 teacher and director of student activities.

Check out the tears of liberals seeping through in this piece from The State, about the “hard right.” Anything they think to be negative is, in our opinion, good.

The victory of Weaver is a strong protest against the existing order, which is symbolized by Maness and the outgoing head school principal Molly Spearman, and extends the current trend across the state that conservatives of the hard-right are eliminating traditional Republican candidates. Weaver has been in office for 43 years. A Greenville native, she spent the beginning of her career as an advisor to the former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, a key figurehead in The Tea Party movement. Since 2013, she has served as the President and CEO of his think group. It is a voice for state legislators who support the conservative agenda. 

It's a direct attack against the status of the game. It is possible to see further “rebuke” coming across the nation as we get closer to the November election.

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