Finland and Sweden Preparing to Join NATO

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has withdrawn his reservations regarding the application of NATO acceptance for Sweden and Finland in order to ensure that the two countries, which were at one time not aligned with NATO, will now be one of the strong West's allies in the combat to stop Russian aggression.

In May, Sweden together with Finland declared that they were seeking to join NATO. NATO is a militaristic alliance. It was a significant move that even the threats of the USSR were unable to reach (Finland announces it will be joining NATO, Sweden to Follow as Moscow continues to make its usual threats). Vladimir Putin's incursion in February 2022 in Ukraine resulted in something Joe Stalin couldn't dream of, as Putin started to talk about the re-establishing of the boundaries of The Russian Empire. The Russian Empire was once Imperial Russia (Did an instant deleted article in Russian media reveal the reasons why Vladimir Putin Wants Russia to gain from the Ukraine Invasion? and, Putin's threats against Sweden as well as Finland are more real than the ones they're acknowledged as having).

Even Putin's most trusted friend in NATO, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, approved of the new NATO members (Hungary's Viktor Orban Clears the Weg to allow Finland to Join NATO within a Couple of Months)-Erdogan has launched a defiant attack.

Erdogan has expressed his displeasure over Finland and Sweden joining NATO in the past week, noting that their support for Kurds has raised doubts regarding the possibility of including these two nations in the near future to become NATO members. A senior Turkish official told Bloomberg earlier that Turkey is trying to convince Finland and Sweden to take a firm policy against Kurdish militants engaged in fighting within the southwest region of Turkey as well as that Turkey is currently in talks with Sweden and Finland about whether to join NATO. The official who represents Erdogan Ibrahim Kalin said on Saturday that Turkey is not planning to stop Finland or Sweden's application completely, however, it is keen to make sure that security for each country for all NATO members is considered.

As the discussions progressed it became evident that Erdogan had three objectives. First, he wanted that an embargo placed on arms Sweden together with Finland had imposed against Turkey in connection with the ongoing dispute between different Kurdish groups removed. He also desired Sweden to end all ties to the Kurdish PKK organization. Furthermore, he wanted Sweden and Finland to disperse Kurdish militants and those affiliated with The Gulen Movement, whom Erdogan believes is behind an attempted coup.

Turkey can be considered a full member of NATO because of a single factor: Turkey controls its own Bosporus and the Dardanelles. In the Cold War, that key part of the geography was one that destroyed and destroyed the Soviet Black Sea Fleet and safeguarded its position in Eastern Mediterranean. It's an economic basket-case that is devoid of political, cultural, or linguistic areas of similarity to the West. Following the fall of the USSR, its actions in Turkey can be mistakenly interpreted as actions of Russian allies under the right context. Turkey partnered in a joint venture with Russians during the war in Syria. Its military connections with Russia were so dangerous that it was taken from its profitable F-35 Grift. Turkey is at conflict with Greece several times over Cyprus and Greece's exclusive zone for economics in The Aegean as well as The Eastern Mediterranean. My personal opinion is that Turkey being part of “The Straits” is less important than its political instability and inability to cooperate with NATO in important matters. If I were in my position, I'd give Turkey documents of severance and let them deal with Iran as best they can.

“As NATO allies, Finland and Sweden commit to fully support Turkey against threats to its national security,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared, while revealing specifics of the agreement. “This includes further modifying their legislation in their own country and securing P.K.K. activities, and signing agreements with Turkey regarding extradition,” He said in reference to the P.K.K., the Kurdistan Workers' Party, which seeks to bring about the possibility of the autonomy of a Kurdish state within a territory that is situated within the borders of Turkey.

President Erdogan was blocking Nordic nations' NATO bids amid concerns over Sweden's support of the P.K.K. which has attacked other targets that military and murdered innocent civilians in Turkey and is currently banned within the country, and is designated in authorities in the United States and the European Union as a terrorist group.

The memorandum however doesn't mention the exile of any of the individuals in the office of president. Erdogan was hoping to be sent the people to Turkey for trial on related charges to terrorism. Sweden has adopted a more brutal law to combat terrorism. It will take effect at the beginning of July.

This is a continuous modification of European Security arrangements. Sweden and Finland offer two highly regarded and well-equipped armies for NATO. Additionally, both countries are on the right track towards reaching the NATO goal of investing two percent of their gross domestic product in defense in 2023. This is something many NATO nations haven't achieved.

The truth is that Turkey has accepted the decision is definitely unfavorable to Putin's plans for extending over the Arctic and could result in creating Russia's Baltic and Russian Northern that are ineffective and restricted only to port access in case that there is a conflict with NATO. It's a sign Erdogan has decided that, currently, it's advantageous to Turkey to lend its support towards NATO instead of former BFF Vladimir Putin.

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