Hutchinson’s Expansion of January 6th Claims Cause Schiff to Make a Blunder

The January 6th Committee will be held accountable effectively through the “witness” that they put on during the Tuesday hearing, Cassidy Hutchinson.

She had no clue as to the truth of the story. Her testimony was in contradiction to the evidence that the Committee claims to have seen.

But, you'd expect that, when they put Hutchinson on the spot they would have verified the facts with the people who she believed she heard the story about — not the alleged agents involved. They didn't, as we have published NBC reports they've received about the Secret Service Agent Bobby Engel and the driver of the vehicle can verify that what Hutchinson claimed occurred was not reality. Media outlets are reporting they're getting the exact same information directly via Secret Service sources.

Beware: Tweets that follow may contain coarse language.

Townhall's Julio Rosas', affirms this to be b.s too. 

The January 6 Committee covered rumors about the Secret Service being about to be split.

But, it's improving. Not just that, but Tony Ornato, whom Hutchinson has claimed told the story, says that he didn't say anything and claims that it wasn't true. According to a reporter from CNN, Gabby Orr.

It's possible that this tale may not be able to continue without crashing. It could set a new record for fake, anti-Trump stories.

This is the best method to ensure the highest level of credibility and confidence. What if you made the most simple mistake and talked to the agents and others prior to releasing these tales to the general public? The reason is that they didn't really care. They were just looking at ways to criticize Trump and the truth was irrelevant, and they repeated the same thing. Who would think that they're any different from the lies they've spread not only over this issue but also in relation to Russia collusion, as well as various other topics.

While the story was getting more and more obvious, it didn't stop Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) from attempting to spread the story on CNN on Tuesday. He made use of the remaining time to present his point before people realized that the story isn't true.

Erin Burnett asked him if he could confirm Hutchinson's claims by contacting one agent that he knows, like Tony Ornato or Bobby Engel, two agents Hutchinson has mentioned.

What did Schiff do?

“I can't comment on other testimony before the Committee,” Schiff said. Why would you not? There are a lot of people who are discussing the testimony of Hutchinson. The reason he's not allowed to speak is there is no evidence from the agents who have backed the entire nonsense. Even on CNN as the story was in decline, Schiff continued to manipulate the news in order to mislead the public and then dance around in the face of truth. It was an act of deceit.

Burnett asked Schiff if there was any doubt that the report was false and he responded that the report was factual in the words of Hutchinson.

I'm interested in speaking with Schiff, now that Hutchinson's story has been thrown out the window. How did the Committee find out about her story? And the person accountable in “finding out” this story? Did she have her story altered in any way?

Schiff should be brought under oath, and then questioned about his numerous deceitful statements when the Republicans are back in power.

What's the main point? The January 6 Committee has fallen apart and no one will accept what they have to claim at this time.

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