Tesla Absolves Huge Lawsuit

The Democratic Party has flooded society with the idea that racism is still alive and well in America. They continue to tell younger generations that one's skin is a barrier to reaching their full potential and living what they call the American Dream. When things don't occur in their favor they immediately scream racist and demand financial compensation for the alleged suffering and pain that their open-minded minds have endured.

There are situations where racist slurs and racism are commonplace and need to be addressed. However, when someone is seeking out huge amounts of money due to someone else's remarks is a case of excessive greed. This kind of behavior is evident in a court case that involves Tesla and an individual named Owen Diaz.

Diaz used to work at the Tesla plant located in California. His work was to run an elevator in the plant. The elevator operator claimed that he had been the victim of racism from colleagues. He hired a lawyer and was determined to take Tesla to court and seek hundreds of millions as compensation for the mental trauma he suffered.

Diaz and his team prevailed and received $137 million from a jury. The judge who is involved with the trial would lower the amount by $15 million. It is common sense to conclude that the amount that the judge will award will be sufficient to set Diaz up for life. However, greed could take over then Diaz and his attorneys would refuse the deal and demand an additional trial by jury.

The lawyers for Diaz considered that the less amount of money wouldn't be enough to prevent the same name-calling from occurring in the future. In a way they're right, since the individuals affected by the name-calling do not have to be ordered to pay themselves.

Diaz's lawyers have reported that “In rejecting the court's excessive reduction by asking for a new trial, Mr. Diaz is again asking a jury of his peers to evaluate what Tesla did to him and to provide just compensation for the torrent of racist slurs that were directed at him.”

Diaz was able to target the wrong people in his lawsuit. If he truly was worried about the violence he was subjected to and wanted to end it then he should have pursued the employees who were involved in the slurs. But his attention was focused on the greater reward in the form of millions of dollars as only Tesla could satisfy his ransom.

NBC News reported that “U.S. District Judge William Orrick lowered the jury award to be one of the largest awards of it's type in a discrimination suit and was reduced at $15 million as of the beginning of April. Tesla also had been denied a request for a new trial, contingent on Diaz accepting the lesser verdict.”

Judge Orrick was able to see through the blindness and limited the choices Diaz was faced with. It wasn't that he was a loser in the case, however the amount the judge awarded him was reduced. The defendant could have accepted the cash and become a millionaire. However, that wasn't enough for him. He demanded to keep all the money, and was not willing to take the verdict. He will now have to go through a second trial in which he might lose all of his assets.

Tesla has been the subject of several lawsuits that deal with discrimination and harassment based on gender. The accused are trying to convince the public that the company does not tolerate these kinds of conduct. However, Tesla has stated that they have policies and guidelines to prevent such incidents from occurring. They adhere to the federal laws and provide procedures to handle issues that arise.

Diaz identified his colleagues and his bosses as those who slammed him for the color of his skin. What transpired during the nine months of investigation does not justify the enormous amount that Diaz wants. Judge Orrick diminished the ruling and, in doing so, made a statement that abuse at work is not right, but neither is seeking financial compensation that is over and above what is reasonable.

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