West Hollywood Defunds Police for Unarmed Safety Ambassadors

Some time ago, West Hollywood issued an official decree that called for pets (dogs or cats, as well as the occasional goldfish) to be referred to as “pet companions.” Their owners are to be known as “guardians.” The city council also approved an ordinance that prohibits the selling of hair from animals. West Hollywood currently doesn't allow the sale of fur products within its city area. The prohibition includes wool since wool, naturally, is fur.

Since the city had only restricted the sale of fur, Pride Parade participants were free to wear fake fur and feathers. No-back chaps made of leather are still in use by the large gay community in West Hollywood 12 months out of the year. You aren't able to trade in your faux fur.

It's a simple fact that West Hollywood has always been “out there” with city council jokes; however, the above-mentioned bizarreness was, well, absurd, and didn't cause harm to residents of the city. The situation changed on Monday, as the city council by an overwhelming vote of 3-2, removed police funding. The council decided that the 137 percent increase in crime was better addressed through reducing its police force.

One of three council members that voted to cut budgets for police includes the Mayor Pro Tem Sepi Shyne. The bio on her website states she's gay and in West Hollywood this is like saying you breathe. She has voted to replace police officers and said it was the right time to “reimagine policing.” She assured residents of the city's dramatic rise in crime will be tackled by force. The city plans to deploy thirty “safety ambassadors” to replace police officers.

Through Twitter, Shyne was proud to announce that the city's budget would include the Entertainment Policing Team. I'm not sure what that is, or how it will help reduce the number of crimes that are rising, however, Shyne is quite satisfied with her efforts to take cops out of the budget. According to her bio, the actress lives in West Hollywood with her wife and two fur-babies. If one of her pets disappears off of a leash, would she call 911 and request the help of police assistance or ask for the city to send out an ambassador for safety?

In Minneapolis, in the aftermath of the Floyd protesters smashing down a police station and the entire country being burned, the city council voted to reduce the amount of police funds. This was not a good idea. In the month of December, 2021, reality set in.

The news isn't all bad regarding West Hollywood, though. The city has increased its spending for the Russian Arts Festival. Actually, it doubled it. I don't know what you think but it was a Russian Arts Festival? Russian? Hey, West Hollywood… who doesn't get triggered at the mere thought of the mere mention of a “Russian” Arts Festival? In addition, there's no Ukrainian flag on the West Hollywood's Twitter account and it's clear to me on which part of the war West Hollywood is on. Do I have it right?

When thieves begin looting festival booths full of Russian eggs, vodka, caviar, fake fur boas, along with red leather chaps, are security guards sent to confront the criminals? It's hard to say, however, it's not going to be police. Best of luck “WeHoCity” (yes that's the name of their town) with fewer police officers and it's been working amazingly for every city that's experimented with it.

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