Air Guard Troops Recruited to Aid with the Space Force Are in Trouble

The first time army Space Force troops rolled into Air Force bases they were observed with suspicion. Their purpose wasn't made clear, and nobody knew who they were reporting to or what their authority was; therefore they were left to their own devices. The identity issues that were initially experienced by the 8400 Space Force members' now beset the 1,000 Air National Guard members who've been assigned to work with them because they don't belong to an official guard unit. They don't know whom they actually report to, and, in actuality, no one does.

According to commanders at the base, the guard troops are orphans that cannot be adopted. They're forced to wear the Space Force patch on their uniforms, but aren't physically Space Force members. They're trapped in the matrix.

State and federal leaders are aware that there is a problem and they are grappling with the idea of forming the designated Space Force National Guard, but first, they'll need to locate the massive amount of money needed to fund it.

According to estimates, the program could cost around 500 million per year, and some officials in the federal government believe that creating this unit will only result in more inefficiencies. They claim it's too big an amount to allow these Airmen to switch patches and continue doing the same thing they've done for years that most of the time is clerical work only.

People who support the notion say that the number is absurd. It is possible to accomplish this feat for just $250k. Because the Space Force only operates in seven states and Guam. Why not make use of Guam and seven states? Air National Guard members who reside there and currently belong to this Space Force. Create some new signs, swap a few patches, take care of some administrative tasks and voila, you've got yourself a Space Force National Guard. 

Air Guard Lieutenant. Col. Jeremiah Hitchner, who leads the 109th Space Electronic warfare Squadron located in Guam, placed the issue in the right perspective. “When they removed all the space operations out of the Air Force, the Air Force no longer really does space,” he explained.

Hitchner was talking about what occurred during the time that active on duty Air Force personnel were first transferred to the Space Force. “They took us out of the Air Force. We were, in the absence of a better word orphaned. We were by ourselves to endure.”

There's always more than meets the eye. Contrary to all the branches within the U.S. military that operate independently of one another, the Space Force is not a department within the military.

Although it's governed by a four-star general and is responsible for providing its U.S. Space Command with troops, the Space Force falls under the supervision of the secretary of the Air Force secretary which precludes it from having its own distinct branch.

In order to save money, a few Air Force career fields were transferred towards space. Space Force. They mostly include jobs in intelligence and cybersecurity, and those Airmen currently working in these fields suddenly became Space Force Guardians. This is when the need for more support is needed to manage daily clerical tasks and other.

We are back to the beginning. Arguments are valid, however only one winner will prevail. The best we can offer you at this moment on this issue is, we'll have to see…

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