Biden Advisor Says There is a New “Liberal World Order”

Does Joe Biden care about struggling Americans who watch their paychecks slip away from the pumps?

On CNN the query was posed to Biden adviser Brian Deese.

Brian's response wasn't exactly comforting. Indeed, one could consider it frightening.

Anchor Victor Blackwell spoke for a large number of Americans when he questioned high gas prices that are a burden amid the an unmerciful rate of inflation.

“What do you say to families who are saying “Listen, we can’t spend $4.85 per gallon of gas for months, let alone years. It's not sustainable””

According Brian, you'll need to bear it and smile. There are far more important things than your family’s needs

“Well the speech you heard from President Biden today was a clear and concise articulation of the importance. It's concerning the direction of our Liberal World Order, and we must stand strong.”

If I'm not mistaken, it sounds like a Revelation-level wicked version of “Let them eat cake.”

Do you think this is the policy that runs the nation? Does this represent the norm in the practice of those in power? Joe Biden doesn't work for the “Liberal World Order.” It's not his responsibility. In addition, he was not sworn into office to defend such a thing.

If you're able to recall, this isn't the first time we've heard this phrase.

From Newsweek, four months ago:

The existence and the implementation of the “New World Order” have become popular online after president Joe Biden used the phrase in an address.

The term “new world order” is usually used to describe the emergence of a major geopolitical trend but it also can refer to the conspiracy theory that claims that an obscure globalist organization wants to put the world in an oppressive regime, and to strip sovereign states and their citizens of their rights.

“Several conservatives and conspiracy theorists, including followers of the radical QAnon movement,” Newsweek added, “quickly jumped on Biden using the words while speaking at Business Roundtable's CEO Quarterly Meeting in Washington D.C. on Monday.”

In his talk on “opportunities to make some real changes” in the way that people around the world view issues within Ukraine, Joe shared this:

“As one of our most prestigious military leaders told me at a meeting in a secure setting this past week, 60 million people were killed between 1900 to 1946. In the years since we've established a Liberal World Order, this hasn't happened. Many people die, but not anywhere near that chaos.”

“And it's a moment in which things are changing. There's going be an New World Order out there and we're expected to be the ones leading the way. We've got to join all of the world's free people to achieve it.”

Does this seem like a source of fuel for conspiracy theorists? Or is it the country that is in dire need of being redirected? Does Brian Deese's argument for fuel that you cannot afford seem like something you should ignore in order to avoid being an alarmist, or do you think it strikes you as Code Red?

However, the midterm elections are coming up. We'll know what the current state of the Liberal World Order is then.

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