Media Lies about Justice Thomas’s Views on Abortion and Vaccines

Joe Biden made an outrageous attack on the Supreme Court on Thursday while traveling on holiday in Madrid, Spain during a press conference held at the conclusion of the NATO summit.

When asked about the reason he thought the majority of Americans believed that the country was on a wrong path The president pointed to the Supreme Court saying, “[T]he one thing that's been instabilizing to the world was the shocking actions that the Supreme Court of the United States in ruling not only Roe in v. Wade, but essentially contesting the right to the privacy.” He misrepresented the reasoning behind the decision of the Court, and declared, “I really think that this is a very serious issue which the Court has imposed on the United States, not just in relation to freedom of choice but also in relation to whom you can marry, as well as the right to privacy, and a myriad of privacy-related issues.” The court stated that its decision only was a decision on abortion, and declared that it was not applicable for any other issues Biden said he would be able to resolve.

In fact, it's the Biden Administration trying to destabilize the court through its frenzied attacks.

However, the Biden team as well as the Democrats have been aided in their attacks and false portrayal of the court by the liberal media, and some were back at it today.

Axios received a lot of attention on Twitter by publishing a story that claims the Justice Clarence Thomas suggests COVID vaccines are produced using “aborted children.”

Politico and NBC also made variations on the same assertion.

At this moment, we can claim that some people in the media are ignorant and do not know how to interpret Supreme Court decisions. But, with the fact that their mistakes appear to be always in the same direction helping Democrats and to attack those on the right, I'm not inclined to offer them any benefits simply by calling them ignorant.

The main issue with this ridiculous assertion is that Thomas did not say anything like that. In his dissenting from the Court's decision to deny the writ of certiorari in a New York case regarding vaccines, Thomas was simply relating what the petitioners claimed regarding the matter, and not making any comments of his own.

“Petitioners are 16 healthcare workers who served New York communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” it states. “They object on religious grounds to all available COVID-19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children.”

However, on the other hand, petitioners didn't say that the vaccines were developed using “aborted children” but that the vaccines were “developed using cell lines derived from” abortions. Politico acknowledges in a separate tweet that this assertion from the petitioners is in fact true.

Nobody has ever claimed or said that the vaccines were developed by “aborted children.”

What was the purpose to make this irrelevant assertion against Thomas? Even after being bombarded by an amount of information of a hundred, the Axios fake tweet is in the news and is creating some on the Left to be terrified. The same thing with president Donald Trump — every lie builds upon the one before until you send people into an uproar and they believe Trump really is Hitler. They're doing it again to Thomas.

There is no respect for the truth, they will just tell whatever they can to fit into the purpose of telling the story.

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