Person Identifies as a Bird

For those who believe that neo-pronouns are only for birds: You're wrong.

As reported by twitter's Libs of TikTok, the username Camryn has gender-specific news. If you're a snarky person and have no teeth, a unique identity is for you.

“Hi, my name's Camryn, and I'm a member of our DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) system.”

Birds of a Feather flock together, and Camryn is near to a chick named Avery:

“So Avery and I are two birds. The cardinal is me and Avery is bluejay.”

The two “like ‘ey/em/eir' pronouns,” due to the fact that they “feel more distant from gender than ‘they/them/theirs. ‘”

Plus…they're birds:

“And because we're birds even though we share our unique gender identity, we don't necessarily have a gender. It's not the way that, for instance, we're simply nonbinary. It's more like our species as an avian-human hybrid, which is not naturally a particular gender.”

It's an absolute revolution.

“So you can use them as singular pronouns, such as “he/she' or “she/her. ‘”

When writing about eggs-laying people, to whom could one correctly refer to them?

“Spelling- and pronunciation-wise, it's like ‘they/them/theirs' without the ‘th' at the beginning.”

Because “personal pronouns” are in no way “personal,” Camryn will not use the pronouns in reference to herself. However, for you, practicing is crucial:

“So the best way I believe to learn is to write the following couple of short sentences using like him himself, and his. Then, go back and erase those pronouns . Fill the blanks with ‘ey/em/eir/self. ‘”

There's a lot of practice to be conducted because conventional communication has been ejected out of the national sphere.

The bright side is that we're all birds in a cage. When it comes to identity, all the world is your oyster and you could be an oyster somewhere in the world:

“The University requires students to ‘practice using Pronouns' It Highlights Our Amazing Sophistication”

“Per Loves Self”: University Schools Students on “Why Pronouns Matter” for “Folx'”

“Students are Scathing about the College's Paltry Pronouns- There's No ‘Mushroomself'”

“Wokedom's newest concoction takes the Cake The ‘Cake' Confection is Now Available as a Gender”

This is just silly. 

“University is urging staff to use Neopronouns Emojiself Cat Gender and Worse”

“Biden Announces Gender “X” Passports”

In terms of the notion of flying over the nonbinary and regarding the notion of having no “gender in any way “…I suggest the most radical conclusion of our cultural evolution: What happens if we progress over bird and binaries and all boundaries that define us …'til everyone of us is gender-neutral?

If we happen to land on the futuristic ledge, there's a word for it that's ready to go on the breeze since the beginning when Adam and Eve lived, up to around 2018 that term is “mundanity.” Because that's the way that our system was working. Are we able to become more advanced and be the same as we were before this?

Stay strong Hold on tight; we could.

While we wait, if I could suggest it, Camryn's singing in the wrong application. “TikTok” is the sound of an alarm clock, and is a true bird. Birds are not allowed to be TikToking -except, obviously, she's cuckoo.

It's time to move onto Twitter, Camryn; after all, we all know that birds tweet.

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