Tim Allen Gives Thumbs Down to Toy Story Spinoff

Tim Allen brought his legendary humor and hysterical tone to the character of Lightyear in the 1995 box-office smash Toy Story and its sequels. But the actor was sacked without ceremony from the most recent movie in the franchise, Lightyear. Many think that his conservative views have cost him his job.

Allen gave the new film an unflattering review in an interview by Extra this Wednesday.

“It's a great story, but it doesn't appear to be connected to the toy. There is no connection to Buzz.”

We could just stop there, since he almost made a statement about the film in that one line. If the film isn't connected to Buzz then why the hell would you ever want to see it? However, he goes on to say:

“We had discussions about this years ago…but the management team who made the first four films is not the same. This is a new team that has nothing to do with the first films.”

I've stayed away from this.

Lightyear is a flop with audiences just two weeks into the release date. Many blame the film's woke actions, such as the replacement of Allen (with the actor Chris Evans) and inserting gay kisses into the movie.

The gross for Lightyear plunged a disastrous 65 percent from the already weak opening weekend, and it ended with a total domestic take of $89 million at the time of writing on Tuesday. Entertainment director Brendan Morrow from The Week, “The Toy Story spinoff by Pixar was supposed to be among the most popular films during the summer movie festival. It turned out to be disappointing at the box office.”

According to me, it was a no-go when they let go of Allen. He is Buzz Lightyear, and even though the film is a story about the origin of the character it was necessary for him to voice the story. Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton agrees.

This isn't the only time Allen has been sacked under “mysterious” circumstances. In the year 2017, ABC famously canceled his program Last Man Standing, even though the show received great ratings. Later, the show got taken over by Fox. In the beginning, Allen tried to downplay any disagreements with ABC. However, in 2018, Allen appeared on Norm McDonald's show to say:

“You could have handled this more effectively. For me, at least. I'll make it through, but there's around 190 people working on the show,” Allen said. and said the show had done exceptionally well for ABC even though they “put us out in the open” on Friday night. “I have no idea why they did what they did.”

Allen has talked about his conservative beliefs at times, as well as attended the inauguration of Trump. Many believe that this move alone was the reason they tried to make him look like a villain in Last Man Standing, and ended his Lightyear role. On”The Jimmy Kimmel Show” in 2017, Allen admitted: 

“You must be very cautious when you're around here. You'll be beaten for not believing the same thing that everyone else does. It's like the '30s Germany.”

Making the Lightyear movie without Tim Allen results in the film having little buzz and Disney is accepting the cost in the form of box-office revenue.

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