Biden’s Numbers Reach Another All-Time Low

It's not looking good for Joe Biden. The majority of voters don't wish for Biden to run again, and even Democratic campaigners such as David Axelrod are saying that things appear to be “out of control and he's not in command.” It appears that way when you have to use such cheat sheets that show you how to express gratitude to people and even when to sit down. It's not surprising the fact that 85 percent of Americans believe that the nation is in a bad place with the majority of Democrats believing this too. It does not look very promising for Biden and could spell doom for the Democrats in the midterms.

There's no reason to be surprised that Biden's numbers have plummeted again. His polling score reached a new all-time low of just 38 percent approval and 57.5 disapproval according to Real Clear Politics.

But I'm not convinced that's the end of the story yet. These numbers will likely decrease even more because Biden and his staff remain deaf to Americans and try to put blame on everyone else except themselves for their misdeeds and refuse to make any attempt to correct the wrongs they've made.

Biden was asked whether high gas prices were due to the conflict in Ukraine, which Biden claimed that it was. How much longer would we be forced to endure this? Biden replied, “As long as it takes.”

Then, his NEC Director (and former BlackRock executive) Brian Deese delivered an answer that people are discussing when they are asked about Americans who claim they cannot afford to pay $4.85 for a gallon.

“This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm,” Deese stated. That's right, stop and take it you peasants. Our primary concern isn't with you, it's the agenda we have set for ourselves.

And then, Biden was at it all day long, but not making any significant modifications, just shouting at gas companies that operate stations to cut their prices.

“My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril,” Biden declared. “Bring down the cost you're offering at your pump in order to reflect the price you're paying for the service. Now,” he demanded.

We're not at war (even if Biden would like to send us to the battlefield and spend all of our money). The cost of gas has been going up since Biden became president, due to his criticisms of the gas and oil industry. However, just as Biden attempted to blame oil companies for price-gouging instead of examining his own actions, he's attacking the owners of petrol stations.

The idea of blaming Americans to blame for problems that you cause isn't a good way to present yourself, Joe. Yet, he continues to dig the hole further.

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