Finally, a Response to Protestors Outside Justice’s Homes

Since the beginning of this year, “protesters” have been in the streets and acting as crazy people in front of the residences that belong to the Supreme Court Justices. The threats and harassment began following the leak of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe in v. Wade. The harassment and threats culminated in the attempt to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

However, there's basically no effort from the authorities to stop this delusion and the Supreme Court has largely stayed in a stalemate. This changed on Saturday, when the court issued an order requiring that local governments follow their laws regarding protests in the courts of judges.

It's absurd that the situation has been allowed to get this out of control. While I'd be against it with you, you can at the very least claim that the protests shouldn't have been permitted until the decision was officially announced. The time for release has now passed and the term will expire on Thursday. There isn't any mechanism that allows this Supreme Court to go back and reverse decisions made due to pressure from the public. So, these protests are a waste of time and are nothing but personal, dangerous assaults on the court.

It's even worse that Maryland is still governed by a “Republican” governor, Larry Hogan. But, he's refused to enforce the laws. If you'd rather officials in the area carry out their job, Hogan has a state police force available. There's absolutely no reason to let this lawlessness linger.

The rants against Supreme Court justices are only getting more heated and are being uttered by the top of the Democrat party. In the last few days, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that there was a “judicial coup” occurring, which means that she's given the go-ahead for any actions in retaliation. Someone will be injured if things don't change, and the change will have to be made by the police. It is true that people are entitled to protest at public properties. They don't have the right to invade private homes and act as crazy people.

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