Seattle Police Restrain Preacher Near Pride Event

The Seattle man was detained after reading the Gospel of Saint Matthew in a public park where a “Gay Pride” event was happening.

Matthew Meinecke, often referred to as a “street preacher,” was in public areas reading out the Bible without the benefit of amplification when he was detained by Seattle's most renowned.

Meinecke was also detained this week after he read his Bible in front of an anti-Moloch protest. I'm not certain what the truth was however, according to reports, the Seattle city prosecutor doesn't intend to charge Meinecke for any offense. The real reason behind the arrest: to discredit Meincke to ensure that the Gay Pride group wouldn't be unhappy.

I'm returning to an issue I've discussed previously. Many conservatives have believed in the “back the blue” nonsense as a reaction to the “defund the police” movement and the BLM protests. This is a mistake. Police aren't garanties of freedom, they're the enforcement agents of the state. Police unions and cliques made up of senior police officers are among the main forces that oppose the rights of gun owners. Each time you see the police squealing to enforce the most shambolic regulations. When there was a “pandemic,” police in New York and New Jersey stopped funerals and gatherings in private homes. They also arrested people in vacant parks and on beaches that were deserted. They arrested people who were unable to wear masks. Their track record in safeguarding their First Amendment rights of Christians is similarly shaky. Dearborn, Michigan, had to settle a significant amount due to the fact that police had arrested Christian preachers at the location of a Muslim market. In the earlier part of “Pride” month, police in Coeur D'Alene threatened to detain Christian ministers who had an alternative to the scum that was taking place. Now we have this.

The police are in the camp of those who cash their checks. Period. If you think that you are able to count on the police to be an ally to protect your rights in the face of an unfriendly government, you are entitled to whatever fate may befall you. If you are planning to help police departments be able to treat the hooded Antifa criminals as part of a special class and street preachers as a threat and you think that they are the enemy, then you need to review your political beliefs. We must support police officers to the extent that they keep our communities secure. Beyond that we have nothing to do with them. If they do anything illegal to prevent Gay Pride exhibitionists from having their emotions hurt, they have lost the right to our help.

Pride is one of seven Deadly Sins, and those who theologians throughout the centuries declared to be the most deadly sin. Celebrating this sin, in the words of Scripture, “cries to Heaven for vengeance” is a fitting tribute.

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