Chinese State Media Uses Biden Tweets on Gas Prices for Propaganda

This past Saturday I wrote on yet another absurd attempt from Joe Biden to shift blame for rising gas prices onto somebody other than him. We should keep track of the other individuals who are blamed for the soaring prices, including Vladimir Putin, oil companies, price gouging, and, most recently, the people who manage gas stations.

“My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril,” Biden has falsely claimed. It's not true, Joe, we're not at war, regardless of what you'd like to do to throw your entire wealth towards Ukraine. “Bring down the amount you're charging for your fuel to reflect the price you're paying for the service. Now is the time to do it,” Biden demanded of the station's owners.

As we've reported, that did not go down well with the majority of Americans and even Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

“Ouch. Inflation is too significant an issue for officials at the White House to keep making statements such as these.” Bezos said. “It's either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.” Absolutely right, it's not the gas station owners that are to blame for the high costs. They're barely earning pennies from gas, but Biden seems to be in denial since the truth is that it's his policies that aren't working and have brought us to this situation. This isn't the only occasion that Bezos has criticized Biden for not being honest about inflation. He also hit him via Twitter back in the month of May which I wrote about.

We're not an Communist nation and Joe Biden isn't our Dear King or Leader. He isn't able to dictate to private companies what to do because he claims it. We are bound by a rule of law and a Constitution, regardless of whether Joe does not like it. We were involved in the middle of a “war” in Afghanistan under previous presidents for the last twenty years. We didn't notice the supposed “gouging” that Biden is trying to blame on oil companies or the gas stations under the presidency of Donald Trump. So, Joe, everyone knows that the blame is on you, and blame-shifting doesn't work.

Guess who else reacted to Biden's tirade? Chen Weihua, the China Daily EU Bureau Chief. China Daily is state-affiliated media and Chen continuously pushes out anti-American propaganda. By tweeting a lie, Biden gave him an opening. Chen utilized Biden's tweet as a way to criticize the American system and claim it was an exploitative system.

If Biden gives ammunition to the Chinese, you'll be aware of how bad things are getting. This is the situation dealing with Joe Biden. Biden thinks he's operating as his Chinese friends and does not care about how his lies and his attacks on America aid in the propagation of Chinese propaganda.

Americans were able to respond well to the Chinese attack.

However, Joe Biden wasn't done quite yet. He was still blame-shifting. On Sunday he blamed Republicans.

However, Democrats have the upper hand, not Republicans. Republicans haven't stopped any fantastic “plans” that Joe Biden has. The one “plan” that Biden has appeared to have in play is blame-shifting. When you do this all the time, no one trusts you anymore.

It was reported that the Republican National Committee skewered Biden's blame-shifting behavior with an image that proved it did not have anything to do with Putin or gas station owners or Republicans -it was all blamed on Biden.

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