DeSantis Fires Back Against Gavin Newsom’s Pathetic Anti-Florida Advertisement

Ron DeSantis fired back on Sunday, slamming Gavin Newsom's frenzied campaign against Florida. The Democrat governor announced a recent advertising purchase for Florida, known as the Sunshine State, proclaiming that California is the real shining light of freedom in the United States.

Remember that Newsom is the governor of the most over-regulated, excessive, and overtaxed state in the Union, up to the point that it is impossible to even purchase plastic straws. Don't forget the heart-breaking COVID lockdowns that ran for several years in California.

As reported by The Daily Wire, the advertisement Newsom launched has been revealed and it's just as unprofessional and uninformed as you'd expect. Here's a sample.

“It's Independence Day. Let's discuss the state of affairs within America,” Newsom says in the 30-second commercial. “Freedom is being attacked within your own state. I encourage all of you who live in Florida to fight back as well as join the fight in California which is where we hold to the principles of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom from hatred, and liberty to be loved. Don't let them steal your freedom away.”

You're only laughing. Newsom believes that left-wing statements regarding “freedom to choose” and “freedom to love” will be a hit in Florida, a state where the economy is growing and the people have individual freedom in a way that is not matched by the other red states. Imagine if people wanted to get rid of that to relocate to an extremely crime-ridden slum with increasing homeless, high tax rates, and a government who will not let you make fundamental decisions without interference.

However, California permits drag shows in schools, therefore, I suppose it's supposed to make people leave Florida or something. This is just ridiculous and DeSantis’ spokesperson Dave Abrams fired back with the most obvious response.

“Gavin Newsom might as well light a pile of cash on fire,” Dave Abrams, a spokesperson for the re-election campaign of DeSantis said to The Daily Wire. “Pass the popcorn to him in his desperate effort to reclaim the California people who fled the slums he made in his state, only to move to Florida.

“The people of Florida pay no mind to the pathetic smear campaigns from the Democrats and their allies in the corporate media,” Abrams said. “We're too busy enjoying the freedom Governor Ron DeSantis has created in the Sunshine State.”

The reference to California refugees is the most important point. In reality, people from Newsom's State have been moving to Florida in large numbers over the past several years. These people won't be influenced by a man who has too much hair gel who is promoting abortion. They're too busy enjoying the prosperity and freedom granted to them in Florida that they were missing in California.

In order to keep it simple, it's true that the numbers aren't lying. One person clearly wins in this election, and it's not Gavin Newsom. In fact, the fact that he's advertising in a state that is thousands of miles away shows how much California has been failing. DeSantis isn't even required to take a stand since his state is already booming.

Newsom is clearly aiming to run for president in 2024. This move is a part of the plan. I'm assuming that things won't turn out as planned for Newsom. Do you really believe that Democrats are likely to throw Kamala Harris into the fire? The first vice president of African descent? You're kidding me. This isn't to say Harris isn't a bad presidential contender, however, there's no way that the far-left would allow her to be slammed by a white man who is slick like Newsom.

However, I'm sure I'll have a blast watching the action unfold. I'm guessing Ron DeSantis will as well.

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