The Left is Desperate to Make Trump Link in Highland Park Shooting

We've covered some aspects of social media outlets regarding Robert Crimo III, who was recently arrested for the mass shooting that occurred in Highland Park, Illinois. There were six victims killed and at least 26 were injured in the shooting.

The videos showed concerns, since they discussed shootings and it was apparent that he was thinking about this for a while. No matter what his political beliefs were, it was evident that the man had many problems that were ongoing.

There are some images floating around which are making people on the left leap to the conclusion that the Highland Park, Illinois, shooter is an avid Trump supporter. The images depict him at a Trump rally, and also in one picture he is wearing a Trump flag. There are pictures of him sporting an FBI cap too.

The one with him wearing the flag appears to be performing an attempt to commit suicide with the flag. The photo of him wearing a “Where's Waldo?” outfit is a mockery of his appearance at the Trump rally. This is actually a parody of an absurd joke Jimmy Kimmel made about Donald Trump. It's not something that a Trump supporter would do. There are often leftists protesting at Trump rallies, too.

There is no guarantee, and we'll need to wait and see what happens when the facts are revealed and we'll look at that all evidence points away from Crimo being an avid Trump fan — from his multi-colored hair to his status as a rapper.

He wears a rose tattoo on his neck along with his bank account as a standard symbol for socialists, though they are often used by those who do not have the same meaning.

However, the posts of his Twitter account could reveal the truth.

In the coming days, we'll surely learn more as the story unfolds, but the events provide a great indication of where he could be on the political scale.

However, it's quite sad to see people who are more preoccupied with trying to attack Donald Trump than about the victims who were killed or wounded. Every mass shooting has become “who did it” and an appeal to rid the world of guns instead of condemning the actions of those responsible and addressing a variety of psychological issues nearly always at the forefront in these instances. This is a bad idea, and not helpful in solving the root causes of these instances.

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