TikTok admits China Accesses Information of Americans

What could go wrong? It's also not like we didn't know about this from the beginning. TikTok is the most popular video-sharing application (the most downloaded in the world) and is controlled by Communist China's ByteDance. So, what could be wrong?

The first thing to note is:

TikTok, according to Bloomberg, has disclosed the fact that “certain company employees” based in China have access to personal data that are stored by American users. The company's disclosure came via a written letter addressed to 9 U.S. senators, all Republicans, who have expressed concern regarding the company's controversial data-sharing practices. Senators have repeatedly requested answers to these questions:

Do Chinese-based employees get access to U.S. users' data?

What role do employees have in shaping the algorithms of TikTok?

Are any of those details given to China? 

Let's get to the point: Yes. Of course the data of users will be shared with the Chinese government.

Furthermore, almost every Chinese citizen is a member of China's Communists within Beijing. If there is no other reason, Chinese citizens cooperate with the ChiComs because of fear. People who do not comply tend to “disappear.” Here's more according to Bloomberg:

Chinese employees who pass several internal security protocols have access to certain data on TikTok's U.S. users, including public videos and public comments, TikTok Chief Executive Officer Shou Zi Chew stated in the letter dated June 30 that was obtained by Bloomberg News. The information is not divulged to the Chinese government and will be subject to “robust cybersecurity controls,” Chew wrote.

The social media platform said it's working with the US government to strengthen the security of information stored on it specifically, and focusing on anything classified by the term “protected” by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, also known as CFIUS.

The new initiative, dubbed “Project Texas,” includes physical storage of US details in data centers that are located on US servers run by the largest software company Oracle Corp. TikTok is moving the platform's infrastructure to Oracle's cloud meaning that the app as well as the algorithm will be accessible and available to US users via local data centers.

“None of the information was disclosed to the Chinese government and is subject to “rigorous cybersecurity controls. ‘” Uh-huh. It's definitely not.

Anyone who believes in the above lies hasn't paid close attention to China's ferocious attempts to capture American technologies at the most advanced level for many several years. But, are we supposed to believe that the personal information stored inside U.S. TikTok accounts, that could be valuable to the Communists, would not end up in Beijing? Don't think like Biden or the Democrats, people.

Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn told Bloomberg on Friday:

“TikTok's response confirms our suspicions regarding the influence of the CCP in the company. These fears were not unfounded. The Chinese-owned company ought to have been transparent at the outset, however, it opted to cover its tracks in the shadows. Americans must be aware that when they use TikTok, Communist China has their data.”

Blackburn could not have been more correct.

As reported by Bloomberg, BuzzFeed News reported that TikTok's U.S. consumer data was accessible by engineers of the company in China. Nine Republican senators claimed that TikTok and its parent company “are using their access to a treasure trove of U.S. consumer data to surveil Americans.”

So Joe, “China will devour our lunch? You're kidding me” Biden and the Democrat Party bow to Beijing whenever they can and leave only the Republican Party alone to stand against Xi Jinping and China's theft of not just U.S. technology, but also intellectual property and the threat to the personal information of millions of Americans.

Don't be Joe, America. China is definitely eating our lunch. They have already done so, in many ways.

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