Biden Claims US Has Lower Inflation than Rest of Globe

In just two short years, President Biden has offered us some of the greatest moments of presidents who don't know what they're doing. He's fallen while climbing the steps, called his Vice President the President, fallen off of his bicycle, and had many other embarrassing incidents. However, he is convinced that he is in control of what's most beneficial to the US and believes that he has done the best job of running this country.

Except, he's the one who is running this country, and is an entirely new Lieutenant equipped with a compass and map of the land navigation route. He's lost in his thoughts that he's lost where we were. He cannot pinpoint the exact northern magnetic pole of his presidency and he's lost on how to align the map to steer the country to the direction we're supposed to be heading.

He continues to take us to the dangerous minefield of liberals, and then attempt to remove our legs from beneath us. As a nation, we've always required an able leader with the experience to steer us in the right direction. From the utter failures of Bill Clinton to the silent tragedy that was Obama, they were intelligent in one aspect: they had a network of extremely clever people.

There were advisors as well as others in their administration who understood how to best serve the country. They were able to explain things in a way so that the president would understand and help him consider the possibility of changing his current track. In the meantime, President Biden has built a network of liberals. The ones who claim that all the right things are a good idea and enable him to go in tangents and show how senile the president is.

Furthermore, these Presidents could have mastered basic math. It's really simple math as well. It's the “what number is bigger” type of math. In an AFL-CIO event on June 14, the president said “Under my vision to improve the economic situation, I've seen incredible improvements. We've put America in a position to confront a global issue that is worse everywhere except here.”

We shouldn't be embarrassed at once, though. He had to go back to prove the error wasn't in fact an error. On June 30, at a Press conference at the NATO Summit in Spain, the president shook off any doubt. “America is better placed for leadership in the global arena than we've ever been. We have the most robust economy of any country; the rate of inflation is lower than the other nations around the globe. The only issue that has caused a lot of trouble is the outrageous conduct from the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Don't forget the staggering 8.3 percent inflation rate in May and April. It beat Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK just to mention some. It was the highest rate of any modernized nation across the planet. With a 40-year-high in inflation around his neck, he's not only been a source of ridicule, but has been a major risk too.

In July, President Biden will visit Saudi Arabia. He is likely to ask them to increase their oil production to alleviate the pressure on Americans who pay for gas. However, it's not going to accomplish much other than increasing the wealth of Saudis. We require real action and something to get the economy moving again and lower prices.

It is here that people such as Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) is trying to get assistance, just as he did in June, when Biden revealed his lack of an action strategy. “I appreciate the efforts of the president however we need an even more bold vision and quicker response… To address the current situation at the moment, Mr. Biden should convene an emergency task force with the power to cut prices and address shortages. It is time to mobilize the entire country and not just a handful of unplanned initiatives responding to the news.”

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