Boris Johnson Vows to Remain Prime Minister Amidst Massive Resignations

U.K. Premier Boris Johnson, who leads the nation's Conservative Party, vowed to stay in power on Wednesday after dozens of cabinet ministers as well as other members of his coalition quit within a single day.

Fox News:

British Premier Secretary Boris Johnson faces an increasingly difficult battle to keep his position in the wake of the Conservative Party turning against him in the wake of another scandal. Friends and former supporters have all seemed to lose confidence in Johnson's leadership.

It is the most powerful and influential backbenchers, the 1922 Committee, that is responsible for rules and procedures for the Conservative Party. They are set to select an entirely new committee this Monday. It will then consider changes to the rules in order that would allow the possibility of a second “no-confidence vote” against Johnson after 43 ministers and their aides resigned due to revelations that Johnson was the prime minister had hired an accused sex offender for an important position in the government.

Johnson originally denied that he received a complaint about MEP Chris Pincher allegedly groping guests at private events in the last eight months. This was a man whom he later promoted to the position of deputy chief whip.

The report goes on to say:

However the Lord Simon McDonald of Salford, the former director of the diplomatic services, claimed that Johnson was informed of the allegations, causing Johnson to say he “forgot.”

“Mr. Johnson was briefed personally on the initiative and the outcome from the inquiry. There was a formal complaint”, the former head of the diplomatic service wrote in a letter sent to Katherine Stone, the parliamentary standards commissioner.

Resignations started Tuesday evening, as two members from Johnson's cabinet including Chancellor of the Exchequer (similar to the U.S. Treasury secretary) Rishi Sunak, and Health Secretary Sajid Javid, both resigned as per Sky News.

At midnight BST today, the total number of resignations from Wednesday as reported by ITV's Daniel Hewitt, was 35. Resignations now total stood at 45 (with one person being fired).

Since it is the case that the U.K. is a close partner to its ally, the United States, the stability of the nation's government is essential to our relationship. RedState will update you on this fast-moving news story as additional information becomes available.

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