NYC Mayor Quotes the Bible When He Realized the State of His City

Even if we do not reside within New York City, most of us know that the city has grown ever more vicious and corrupt. We also know that the majority of what happened was the result of the actions of the city's Democratic leaders, including the former socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Yet, it appears that it's only been just in the last couple of months that the city's newly elected mayor, Eric Adams, has reached that conclusion.

According to a report released in The New York Post, Adams mentioned how it was that the “scales fell from his eyes when he began reviewing internal city operations following his swearing-in moments after midnight on New Year's Day.”

It is a Bible quote from Acts 9:18. The ESV writes it as, “And the next moment, something similar to scales fell off his eyes and he recovered his sight. Then he arose and was blessed.”

In an interview with the media outlet, Adams said he had no idea of how bad the city was getting. Additionally, Adams felt “shocked” at what had been going on and even what was performed through city authorities in the past.

It's difficult for me to imagine that the man did not know that the city was this terrible. First of all, everyone is aware of it and I'm hundreds of miles away from NYC.

Second, Adams has lived in the Big Apple all of his existence, and for the majority of his years in the Big Apple, he was not just a member of the police department, but was also its captain. It is no wonder that he was able to witness crime soaring and escalating to levels that were unimaginable in the past, especially because de Blasio put forth so many “soft-on-crime” policy changes.

Adams worked as a member of the city transit policeman at one time and is another area where he could have witnessed massive levels of criminal activity as and the worst the city could provide.

Yet, he says that he didn't know…

I'm not certain I'm convinced. I'm wondering where he's been, living under the rock?

Anyone who is a resident of New York would know that during the mayors before de Blasio, the situation was significantly better. I can recall the city as the one I grew up in. it was during the time of mayor Mike Bloomberg, who at the time was Republican.

It was safe, clean, and the residents were able to live all day without worrying about being struck by a car when walking their 3-month-old child, like a mother of three recently experienced. It wasn't in what is sometimes referred to as the “bad part of town.”

As the reporters pointed out, it was indeed the Upper East Side.

As a former police officer, Adams was running to become mayor mostly with the belief that he would bring law and order in the city, and that he was going to work to bring criminals to pay for their crimes instead of just letting them walk away.

So far, we've seen much from the front, aside from his mouth-to-mouth rants regarding the issue of gun control. It's been noted in the news that New York already has some of the most strict gun laws of the United States. However, very few places have more gun-related crimes than NYC.

To me, that's all I require that additional gun control laws are not necessary. Actually, having fewer of them could be more effective. It is important to note that states such as Maine where there are few and no firearm laws are in place are among the most secure across the nation. Why? Because everyone seems to carry a firearm that makes criminals frightened.

New York, however, has made it extremely difficult to legally possess a gun that it's almost as if only criminals own the right to carry. We all know that guns aren't just for “self-defense.”

It's still early in Adams' time as the city's mayor. He's already proven that he knows how bad things have become. According to him, he spent a lot of his first few months as mayor reading reports and absorbing every detail that he could.

This is a positive indicator. It's up to him what he'll do with this knowledge about the decay that has taken over the city.

Does he really want to reverse the rules that make it easier for criminals to commit crimes? Or will he follow the same footsteps as his predecessors and make it more convenient for himself? In any scenario, the residents in New York clearly need and are looking to make a change. It is best to make a wise choice so that he doesn't end up without employment.

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