19-Year Air Force Vet Booted Prior to Retirement over Refusal to Get Vaccinated

President Biden's Defense Department has been busy lately removing our forces of soldiers who do not receive the COVID vaccine required and this includes the staggering 66,000 Army National Guard troops who were informed on June 1 that they would no longer be permitted to perform their military tasks. The move effectively cuts the troops off from a lot of their benefits as military personnel.

It's one thing to look up the numbers on a website, but it's a different matter to put a face on the insane.

Take a look at Air Force Master Sergeant Nick Kupper who is a 19-year veteran from the Air Force who was given his papers to walk only a month before his due date to be fully retired from the military. This is particularly gruesome because Kupper is the father of a daughter with special needs as well as his entire family hoping to receive the health benefits that accrue with 20 years of military service.

Kupper appeared on Wednesday's Tucker Carlson's Fox News program, and as if to demonstrate how insignificant the DOD is, Kupper was contacted by the Air Force and called him right prior to his appearance to inform Kupper they were going to complete his separation paperwork the following day. 

In response to a question from Carlson, Kupper points out that he's just one of a many soldiers who have been affected by the directive:

“…in fact, you stated that it was tens of thousands, but the actual number is hundreds of thousand according to DOD's own figures currently. You're talking about reserves or guardsmen from all branches. Within the Air Force alone it's over 10,000 people, which includes me.”

He then explained how profound an impact it will affect his family:

“You know, as you mentioned, I've been looking forward to this retirement of 20 years for the last 19 years. It's been the plan, but it's because they're not granting me an exemption to religious beliefs and they're trying to get me kicked out…”

“After 19 years of service, they're about to throw everything away that I've done for. But I'm not the only one. thousands of others who are being evicted because we refuse to take an illegal, emergency-use vaccine.”

He also explains that the results of the vaccine haven't been as good To put it simply:

“In actual fact, Tucker, talking about “it doesn't protect you from COVID,” when you examine their own statistics, the DOD has seen a triple rise in the number of cases and deaths on a monthly basis from the time the directive was passed.”

They then discuss the challenges in recruiting efforts across service, a topic that RedState's staff reported recently on.

Kupper has an impressive track record throughout his career, twice winning the Air Force's recruiter-of-the year award, and putting in many hours of mentoring young people, fundraising for organizations that sponsor children, and assisting orphans in Ukraine. Kupper even appeared in”The American Ninja Warrior,” in 2019, which helped raise the Air Force's image and an excellent boost on national television.

This Master Sergeant is not just the only airman to be denied exemption. 

Nearly 9,000 Airmen similar to Kupper have filed requests for accommodations to their religious beliefs and 6,642 of them were rejected by their commanders. Among them, 2,399 remain in the midst of being considered and only 98 have been granted. Many have been through the appeals process following their initial requests for religious exemptions were rejected. 345 appeals were denied in addition to 721 appeals that are waiting to be heard. 30 Airmen only have religious exemption requests granted on appeal.

Thirty percent of 9000. That's appalling. Although soldiers must receive a number of vaccinations, the COVID vax poses the same problems as Kupper states. It's wrong to force on a great serviceman and many thousands and thousands other people which is threatening our military readiness and lowering the morale of soldiers.

The current administration seems to love shaming its own citizens. This is another illustration of the same. Kupper, as well as his child, deserve better. It's a bit cruel that the state is doing this to men and women and their families.

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